3 Ingredients KETO Snack

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Keto Snack


Welcome to today’s episode, I’m Natalia and I will be your template through today’s recipe. I will be your navigator on the ship that is sailing from my kitchen into yours When I was doing the research for my notebook announced “ craves boss, the real reason you pray menu in a five-step plan to take back control ”. That’s a mouthful freedom, We’ll time stick to “ hungers boss ”. I have cross-examine hundreds of people on what their thirsts are and the responses will all across the boards and beings like salty foods and people like sweet menu. Some beings like chocolate and some people like crunchy nutrients, hmm How about you? What do you like?

I would love to know more So me personally, I like crunchy menus and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be uttering today “ everything ” almond crunch and guess what[ background racket from a bird-dog] … ...



So I have a very excited puppy that you might be hearing her purring or roaring in the background, because she gets super agitated when mommy concocts, because sometimes she’s like “, maybe I will get some of this ”, But maybe not this recipe. This recipe is just for. You There’s something so quenching about crunchy nutrients When my husband first tasted this recipe. When I was measuring it, he is of the opinion that it tasted like popcorn Where’s. I think that it preferences like everything, bagel reduces, but we’ll. Let you be the reviewer. The one thing that I want to tell you, if you’re following Keto or Paleo diet, this is approved for your proposal, so get excited about that too.

This recipe is super simple: it has only three ingredients. The first step is get your oven preheated to 300 degrees. I have a cup of sliced almonds, Trader Joe’s usually have those or any other grocery store. I have a container of Trader Joe’s “ everything, but the bagel ” seasoning and I have two egg: whites

Okay, well, the first step is we positioned our two egg whites in a very clean bowl and we whip them for about a instant, a time and a half. Of trend, you can do this with a kitchen device, but so much more fun to only do it by hand.


And also, if you do it by hand, you can control this a little bit better. As you can see, it starts to create this white foam. We don’t want it to get onto to soft tops or anything like that. Just for about another 15 20 seconds. Alright, beautiful

So you see when you lift this sud up, it’s not liquid anymore. You don’t see any of the egg white liquid in there, So this is just perfect. So now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go our goblet of almonds you’re going to fold it into the egg. Whites


And this is what’s going to create us crunch because we’re going to bake this low and slow at 300 for about 30 instants Now you take your parchment, lined cooking sheet.


Low Carb


I like to use heavy-duty commercial-grade baking sheets because they don’t warp and they accommodate the temperature a lot better as well. So now our goal is to spread this in a exceedingly, very thin layer, all across the baking sheet. Don’t annoy if you investigate a little of a disconnect, it’s gonna is a good one all going to come together, because these egg whites are going to keep it together. Alright, so now that we have our very, very thin layer, all we do is we make our “ everything, but the bagel ” seasoning You can buy this particular one in Trader Joe’s or lineup online. There’s multiple firebrands that volunteer this salt okay. This is what’s gonna, give it all the flavor, so you can be quite generous with your flavouring ..

.. ...


Or use it sparingly, if that’s what you prefer, I adoration “, everything ” bagels reminds me of one. We lived in New York City and every Friday, my husband and I will go to H,& H, bagels and and then we’ll get some whitefish, salad and some lox and we’ll go for a picnic …

Good old-fashioned memories …, So this is what we have and now what we’ll do is we will do this baking membrane and framed it in the oven for about 30 instants and as soon as I introduced it in, I will share a great troubleshooting tip-off with you.

So here’s a great troubleshooting tip-off for you In my video that will introduced it up on the screen: how to improve your cook skills. I talked about the the ovens and how all the temperatures and of the ovens vary, but it also depends on where you live. The altitude right So I live in Florida, which is a extremely moist atmosphere, so having anything, crunchy sometimes takes a lot longer to run dry. So if, after approximately half an hour, you pluck this out and it still kind of doesn’t feel as crunchy as you want. It to be what you can do is you can drop the temperature to 250 or even 225 units Fahrenheit, and then you can remain bone-dry this recipe in the oven.


So we defined our timer for 30 hours and we’ll check back then, And now we are Voila.

.., our almond crunch is ready now, look at this gently rind, this off mmm-hmm, perfectly crunchy, very hot, and I’m trying now not to smile, because I might have pitch-black sesame grains or poppy grains in between my teeth. So I’m gonna be smiling like this. Now you guys leave me a comment below sharing with me, how you will be using this crunch I’ll, give you a couple of notions, so you can use this as a cracker.



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