30 Day Keto Diet Results

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30 Day Keto Diet Results

Welcome everyone to depression to expression. My name is Scott, and today we’re going to talk about the ketogenic diet challenge. I went through four mental health issues concludes. Thats what those 30 periods of vlogs are still about. What I was trying to do is experiment and view. Does food have an impact on my climate now? The ask is obviously it does. Undoubtedly it does, but I was looking for modes that the ketogenic diet would increase. My energy overall mood how I felt in the mornings and what it did was actually something that I didn’t expect. I’M going to talk about three things that the ketogenic food basically dried in 30 days. Its pretty remarkable and then I’m going to talk about what menus. I’M introducing now that I’ve already introduced and what the effect has been so far, because if you follow me on Twitter and an Instagram and nonsense, you know I’ve been talking about man. I just want that coffee. I precisely crave a delightful old-fashioned, plateau donut, how about a maple dip, how about a vanilla dip? How about an apple fritter? I was desiring some of that nonsense and well, I’m gon na tell you what I’ve initiated and what the effects are, but firstly the three things: oh and likewise blood, research solutions very. You can check this video out. I was in the hospital cuz. I fell out of. My bike and what they do is they take your blood when you’re in the hospital to see if everything’s a-okay and it just so happen. I wanted to do that regardless for the ketogenic food. So I’m like hey nurse, May please have those test ensues. Can I have a emulate of that now? ...This doesn’t include like B vitamins and things like that. You need separate evaluations like for the purposes of an actual physical to get those, but there’s pretty cool things in this blood test that I think you’ll find very interesting, because the ketogenic diet, a person that’s a way different room to eat. Then I have enabled us to like I was pretty high carbon when you’re doing 70 % overweight 20 % protein 10 % carb, I was scarcely doing 10 % are there. It was very, very varied and the blood tests actually surprised me. So you ready to sit back. Relax. Take your throbs off if you haven’t subscribed satisfy agree. This is a mental health Channel depression to expression where we express ourselves, we freely with confidence all right. Lets do this, the first thing the ketogenic food antidote at around day. I think it was around epochs 15. After the keto flu after I felt abominable, the big cure was my allergies, seasonal allergies. Now I can’t remember a term where I didn’t have seasonal reactions, where my eyes weren’t itchy, where my nose wasn’t moving or plugged where my ears and and the ceiling of my mouth, weren’t itchy, it hasn’t happened and that’s a arise that I didn’t know. I didn’t expect that to happen, and let me tell you going through a summertime and not having to sneeze not having to take allergy. Medication was awesome, like I to bed and I can actually breathe through my snout for all of you who suffer from seasonal reactions. Its like going to bed and you have to breathe through your opening and you wake up with the dry cheek the Pastis. This was a treat. This was a real treat and again from an early age. I’Ve been taking arias, Claridon doesn’t work, for me. Arias is the one reaction medication that I take. That precisely does wonders I’m spewing everywhere and I was just so surprised by that upshot, so surprised and so happy....



Ketogenic diet


So that’s number one: seasonal allergies disappear with the ketogenic diet. Gone number two. This isn’t really a medication, and this was pretty much an obvious thing, because my calorie uptake, I don’t think, was as high when I when you go off carbs as you can see by the vlogs. If you I’m gon na, you are well aware, made a link up now where you can see every single vlog. I did for the 30 eras and you can see how I’m pissed off at the beginning, going through keto flu there’s times of depression times of more anxiety goes where I’m just like this diets stupid and then other meters where, after the keto influenza, I get applied To things get used to the habit, you know eating differently, coming used to cooking differently, buying the right vegetables buying meat, finding them on sale. You get used to the whole thing after merely a few weeks, but the only thing was: my calories were obviously lower. At the beginning I had to eat non-stop. I and I were telling Michaela who interposed me to this diet and told me to try it. She was like yeah you’re gon na like be hungry a lot of the time at the beginning, your body’s just not used to it. My body was craving carbs and I’m just like use the fat for power. You idiot, my figure wasn’t listening for a while. So what it did is uh for all you, maids or lesbian men. I’M gon na picture you my gut. Now it’s nothing serious okay, but I had a beer belly before the ketogenic diet, not a beer belly, but I had a kangaroo pouch. I was growing a Joey in there and from the reduced calories, but likewise you talk to anyone. You reduce carbs, your tummy comes flat soldier, it gets flat. So that was what I considered even around week.... One weary tummy and no bloating after devouring gigantic betterment, massive better, so I merely want to show you like: that’s pretty cool right and I’ll time a little flex like guys, I haven’t done a sit-up in a few months a because that collision bruised my ribs right. I don’t know if you can see that that’s my trendy, but that was all bruised. My ribs are still bruised now, so I’ve been able to work out, but look at that humankind that’s crazy. Now, if I push out that’s the push out, that’s the push out, but you’re never actually exiting cool like when you’re walking around right. So that’s pretty cool. What do you think I do a little twist. You know it’s all lighting at the end and I’ll have to make this a thumbnail. So I get a click or two but um guys like in all seriousness, not to flaunt or beep, be cocky about how my figure gapes. You know, I don’t do that type of thing, but I wanted to show you and you asked for it again. I should have done it before thinking. If I have any pictures of a before, I probably do, but I did lose 10 pounds on the keto diet and the 10 pounds is currently in. It was frankly in that stomach area. Thats where you know, women get wise in the hips and men get it right. In the bellies right in the lower abdomen, so that was pretty cool. What do you think? Thats pretty cool, so we’re at no allergies. That’S number one awesome number two belly overweight, gonzo, digit, three headaches headaches! Now: here’s the tough thing! Here’S! The tough thing! I got a pillow about a few weeks and a half into the ketogenic nutrition, a new pillow, a Casper pillow, but I was sleeping at my mother’s target. I was sleeping at friends regions, so I had different pillows throughout the month and I was still getting no headaches in the morning in the afternoon night. Never never, and let me tell you I would get headaches often in the morning. Ketogenic diet, no headaches! No headaches. Can you believe that now I miss with these three three heals? I’M not I’m not pushing. Any food like I’m. Never one to be like carbs are bad like to eliminate this or extend vegan or lead carnivore. Do this and that I’m just sharing my working experience now and with these three betterments, that’s pretty awesome, ...that is pretty cool just after 30 daytimes of chewing differently. I don’t know what the long-term effects of keto are well I’ll talk to I’ll talk to you about the foods I’m reintroducing, but that’s so cool that is so cool. Cuz, frequently I’ll, got a headache in the morning. Exactly it feels like inflammation. Thats what it feels like and with the weather to certain weather, cloudy weather, I don’t know different pushes in the air. I get headaches for 30 eras, not a headache, even during the kedo flu, not a headache. So that’s cool. Those are the three things. So we have allergies, no bloating and a weary tummy and no headaches, that’s really cool. So next I’m going to go through introducing my menus and last I’ll show you my blood decisions. So again, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, all the links are below all the great links to all these cool playlists and what we do here on depression to expression. Its all available in the description, but I was imploring doughnuts. Carb withdrawal is a real thing and you know parties get angry and perhaps parties before their morning, coffee, they’re, less they’re, impatient and they’re not recreation to be around that’s carb withdrawal. Man like I was professing for a little bit. I was pretty pissed. I was really mad about having to eat so much at the beginning, but let me tell you the only thing I demanded more than anything was a doughnut. I wanted a doughnut and I haven’t had one more, but what I have introduced slowly but surely, is Mikey Mikey genic nutrition was different than most because most people stick on the dairy, coz dairies huge for fat, a knot of cheaters, but I didn’t do dairy. I didn’t I had no fruit, not a single fruit. This was meat and veggies. Thats it that’s it oils, of course, oils ruj and sea. No chocolate either no missile coffees, no butter in my beaker, my chocolate. Nothing of that, because that’s a big thing with keto as well doing the missile coffees nothing. So what I wanted to introduce first was outcome. I first had a plum waited a day had a banana and a peach waited two more dates, no action, so good report. Those three results like I miss bananas. I would have a banana every single day, at least two bananas and no reaction whatsoever. Result, a ok, second beer. I had a beer and no reaction whatsoever. I waited a few dates right. The feeling was delicious. I’M trying to think of what beer I actually had no jeez. It was at the wedding, it was a Sleeman, it was a sleeve and yes, I could have chosen a cool, Ontario craft brew or something from Toronto. It was a Sleeman, but it was savory. It was delicious and it was out of the wedding. So maybe I sweat I danced. I had lots of food. I didn’t eat carbs there during the meal, but the beer success so we’re at a fruit beer, a ok haven’t, had a bagel or any bread or anything whatsoever. But the other thing I did have was oh wait. Let me am thinking, oh right, sorry, the food that was just a lie. I had a burger with the bun burger with the bun and telephone. Please and no reactions whatsoever didn’t feel groggy didn’t feel any adverse impact. I know what you’re thinking like yeah – perhaps I would have, if I did this – maybe for a two-month period or three months like time 90 dates and then go back to the original diet um. But I was unquestionably in ketosis mortal like oh, it was the best feeling when I woke up one morning and wasn’t starving that happened at around epochs 26 27. I woke up, and I wasn’t starving like I would get up in the morning and I’d be in pain because I’d be so hungry and after, like you know three weeks, I wasn’t starving. That was a great feeling, but so I was clearly in ketosis, but the food didn’t do anything and the last thing that I reintroduce was sauces. So I did catch up and this barbecue sauce that was fairly low sugar. But I dipped chicken and a burger in there and that was it now I the action I did the burger was no sauce on the burger, so I could see how the bun is just alone and then reintroduce sauces on their own. I was very careful about this no reactions whatsoever but remember this is mental health.... I did the ketogenic diet for mental health reasons not to not to lose weight, not to see what my workouts would be like, and exertion degrees that mode pumping iron. Although I, my power, wasn’t immense the whole time, but this was for mental health and as far as anxiety or anything like that or recession, no real benefit with the ketogenic food, no big benefit, because I was feeling good from the beginning. Now, as I “ve told you” all before, the real test would be going off antidepressants and maintaining the ketogenic diet and that’s something I’m still debating and I’d appreciate your offset ruling there and don’t go after me about that. But it’s a big decision because I’ve gone off antidepressants before and I’ve almost died and I know the withdrawal consequences it’s like well. If you’ve gone through that yeah, I don’t need to describe it. So not least, this is very uncut. Let “re going through” the blood causes now, as I said here, the harbour was nice enough to give me a photocopy, I’m trying to figure out how to best share this with you guys they quantified sodium potassium chloride, total co2 glucose degrees and creatinine. I conclude: that’s how you say it: creatine, creatine, NIEM, so sodium perfect and my banquets. I supplemented salt on everything since with carbs and breads you’re, coming a great deal of salt. That lane, you is first necessary to salt your meat with the keto. That’s one thing I learned potassium on the high-pitched death, but right on chloride, excellent glucose was on the low-grade purpose, so they give you a range of four moles per liter 27.8, and I was at the four qualities six. ...So the nurse did say that was on the lower death, glucose and well, undoubtedly, I’m not getting the carbs so that I think that clears ability or perhaps I wasn’t full yet. I don’t know this knowledge or maybe a doctor is watching. Please, let me know creatine, which is creatine. You get all that from meat right. That was at 84 out of 112. So that’s an excellent series. I just want to talk about the things that were high for me. It with this blood assessment, so red blood cell count, was on the stature like it was too high. So they give you a range of four pitches, three to 5 points: six to 12 per litre. Don’T know what that wants regardless. It was 5 point: six for red blood cell count was high, as well as which is cool MP v MP V stands for the platelet work, the your blood platelets and how enormous they are – and I was the issue is big, and if something is again, I was Talking to the nurse MPV, I can tell you exactly what that implies mean: platelet capacity, average platelet capacity calculated measurement of the average size of platelets found in the blood and is typically included in the tests as part of the CBC. So what this represents, if it’s high-pitched it says, ordinarily occur when your mas perpetually starts new platelets because of a relentless loss of existing platelets. This can be caused by things like recent surgery, infection sorenes or from heavy blood loss. So I didn’t lose any blood, but I’m thinking maybe inflammation could have had something to do with this, although with the lack of seasonal allergies, like allergies, it’s a it’s an immune response right, so I’m thinking the inflammation my immune plan was downed, but who knows, I Know I’m kind of talking out of my ass here because I’m not a medical doctor and I have absolutely no medical practice when it comes to comes to blood tests. But if you know more about this stuff, provide comments below. This is a, this is a dialogue.... So please help me out a little if you find this interesting and the other thing that were high was monocytes ABS monocytes, when they’re high, an increased percentage in your blood, can be caused by chronic inflammatory infection such as inflammatory bowel disease. So one other thing with inflaming: isn’t that interesting, two of the things in my blood that could be caused that are high, that could be caused by inflammation. That is very interesting, isn’t it so those are the blood arises. Blood exams, white blood cell count was perfect again. I talked about the glucose being excellent. I said red blood cell count was perfect and that’s about it, so that was the ketogenic diet. There’S the three antidotes: that’s the reintroduction of nutrient. So far so good again, I’m not going back to heavy carb anymore. I “ve told you” I’d inform you on that, I’m not, it doesn’t make sense and I’m surely not feeing dairy again. I don’t miss it. Do not miss dairy, I don’t miss cheese. I don’t miss milk, I don’t miss yogurt, don’t miss butter. None of that. So excuse me, dairy, is something that I’m fine with missing out on. Thats a big inflammatory thing I guarantee. If I reintroduce dairy allergies would come back. I could probably experiment with that for sure, but I time got to go. Buy dairy. I don’t really want to buy stuff and then the blood cell or sorry the blood tests all seems good title, except in cases of the the high-pitched the high characters, but the nurse said. Thats like frankly, good-for-nothing are concerned about we’ll see if I’m dead within a few weeks. Please call for help now. Thats so that’s the 30 -day challenge. Everyone Kido I’d, highly recommends the following if you suffer from seasonal reactions. If, if you want to try something different for anxiety for feeling right for any kind of physical illness that you have um, I’m all about just trying everything attacking something that you suffer with from every different possible tilt and recognize what works and diet for the Most character is something that people don’t really think about and that we don’t venture with which is actually fairly nuts. Let me tell you it wasn’t fun for the first 2 weeks, ...but it’s two weeks out of your life man. It was surely worth noting as an experiment and I’m gon na change. The mode I dine for the rest of my life a burger now – and there is great, but as far as ponderous delivers and dairy sauces and cheese and candy, it’s just not worth it anymore. It doesn’t do anything for me, so like I would deter this nutrition adapted version where you know I can have. I can still have an outcome, which is fantastic, but I do it simply from the seasonal reactions point of view and the headaches pretty awesome and I’m pretty excited. So I hope this “ve given you” some motivation to try this yourself. I know a great deal of people who are following the vlogs daily, we’re doing their own challenges. Please comment. Let me are aware of your 30 -day challenge to get. I know a good deal of you were getting rid of refined sugar. Some of you stopped imbibing coffee. Other beings were doing meditation for a month every day. Let me is a well-known fact that exited and I hope you experienced the brand-new backdrop for all the videos. I desire speaking, musics, a flesh of expression and I desire quality. This is like my mental health toolbox right here, so I hope you like the brighter background, because brighter periods are ahead for all of us, abide strong, hinder being you and don’t forget to express yourself.




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