Eat Your Dinner At the Same Time Every Day to Help You Lose Fat Quickly and Strengthen Your Cells

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Eat Your Dinner At the Same Time Every Day to Help You Lose Fat Quickly and Strengthen Your Cells

Easy tips on losing belly fat fast quick¬†and easy – so you can get the curves you’ve always wanted!

1. Do your best to eat your carbs throughout the day, every two hours. We all know that carbs turn into fat, it’s simple! If you eat carbs, your body will dump them, because they’re not being used, it’ll be used, so dump them! Eat those carbs, but have a stop every two hours to have a small snack, it’ll be a great, great help.

2. Work on your digestive system. Some people don’t realize how important their digestive system is to losing belly fat fast. It does all the work, so it can carry out, then dump the waste products. This is called efficient pooping. So work on your digestive system, keep eating your veggies, get more of them in your body!

3. Do your best to drink about eight glasses of water a day. Water is life. Drink it, have plenty of it, keep drinking it. It has all the things you need for a healthy life, it makes your urine all delicious. Keep drinking it.

4. Put your toilet seat away from the wall. Not only does it look like you’re enjoying your butt, your butt will thank you for it, it’s amazing what a normal seat does to your back. You’ll feel it first with a little tenderness at first, then a whole lot!

5. Have plenty of snacks ready, so you can eat a little before you go to the store. Just because you’re not going to the store doesn’t mean you can eat everything you want! You can stuff yourself while you’re there. Not that you’re going to the store, but your friends and family are. They’ll all be wondering what you’re doing in there. Just have something ready, like a small candy bar, or some fruit. Just make sure you don’t go too long in there without eating, you’ll start to starve, and then it’ll be hard to stay hungry, which is dangerous, because you don’t know when your next meal is coming.

These are five good, healthy food habits you can use to help you cut your waistline. Be sure and get some friends and family to do the shopping for you and to help you with the cooking, so you can keep it all fun and games. There are lots of options out there for healthy foods, and lots of fun ways to eat them, so this can be an enjoyable, fun, healthful, cutting edge experience for you.

Now, let’s get to some important stuff about what NOT to do.


1. Don’t eat all your meals sitting down, especially if you’re only going to have them once a week. You may think that sounds healthy, but you’ll feel like you’re in a hog-tie! Now, this won’t make you fat, in fact, you’ll be getting some exercise, if you eat some kind of protein with your meal, you’ll feel fuller for longer, so you’re eating less overall. However, if you eat only carbs with your meals, like cereal, it will be hard to feel full for a long time, so you’re not eating as many calories overall, but eating more of the wrong kind. Your whole body will be in a sugar, acid, and calorie-cycle, going down hill from a healthiest balance. This is why the Mayo Clinic recommends eating your meals in an upright position on a counter or tabletop. And it’s why Dr. Mercola recommends eating meals on a kitchen island, so you’re eating vegetables and whole grains, protein is kept low and you can feel full for longer, so you’re eating fewer calories overall. (And as I’ve already mentioned, not all protein is created equal. Some makes you feel fuller for longer, so has your body felt healthier. But not all does.)

2. Eat your dinner after two or three hours of sleep, so you’re feeling fuller for longer. Having food digested and absorbed in less time means better amino acid absorption, better metabolism, and better health overall. Most of the bad stuff can be cleared out of your system faster if you eat your food this way, if you’re still feeling hungry between your meals.


3. Eat your dinner at the same time every day. Have a regular schedule, and it will be easier to eat your vegetables and whole grains, and to drink your water. Not only is it easier to do so, but the nutrients will be moving through your veins more efficiently, if you’re eating at the same time every day. Not eating between meals has been linked to your body going into a starvation-like state, which makes it harder for your cells to make the enzymes that break down fat. Eating at the same time every day has been linked to cell replication and growth. When your body is getting more food from the same source, and cells are multiplying and growing, you’re working with some pretty potent machines. And when the food is coming in a regular pattern, as it should, you’re also working with good machines.

So eat your dinner at the same time every day. If you choose to have a snack between meals, do so. But don’t make it the center of your day. Stay in the game, stay healthy.

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