A Few Tips on Meal Prep – Get in Shape With These Easy Steps!

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A Few Tips on Meal Prep – Get in Shape With These Easy Steps!

So you finally decided to make keto and you aren’t sure what to do. So in this article I’ll walk you through the 2 best keto diet meal guide. Keep in mind these are only guidelines and if you are really committed to going on keto you can take more than 2 months.

Meal 1:

This is the big one. This is the meal that I will bet most people will get wrong. The biggest factor is the type of meat. Beef is fine but to get the perfect beef meal you must use boneless lean beef.

If you don’t know what boneless lean beef is then you should know this. The best boneless lean beef comes from the bone side. Any bone on the side will do. Also don’t bother using lean beef. The best lean beef comes from the fat side of the carcass. So to get the best fat side boneless lean beef, use very thinly sliced meat. The best ones is very thin slice of the chuck roast, the round roast, roasts and the sirloin steak. Those are all high quality meats. Just slice them thin and serve with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Meal 2:

The meal that I bet most people will get is the chicken breast meal. What I do is use boneless skinless chicken breast. The best boneless skinless chicken breast is the one that is very well marinaded. It will have a nice crust to it. Another thing is that the marinade should be used on chicken breast for at least 3 hours before you cook it. This is the secret to the perfect meal. I marinade it overnight and cook it on the bone. This is the best way to get the most protein and omega 3 fats. It is always better to get leaner meats for meal two. Always get the boneless type lean chicken like the kingbird chicken breast. The bones will make the meal stronger.

Natural Foods

Now as we have these two meals prepared you are going to want to set them aside. Now before you start eating you want to check that you still are getting the right vitamins and minerals that you need. These vitamins and minerals should be a mix of DHA fatty acids, EPA fatty acids and minerals. If you are getting too much sodium in your meal 2 you should try and trim it down with food. You can find foods with low sodium content. Look for lean chicken and lean ground beef. Also look for all natural foods that have high levels of enzymes and natural enzymes. That is the best way to ensure that your body is getting what it needs. You want your body to be able to break down fats naturally. That will lead to it digesting nutrients and minerals faster.

Now it is time for you to eat. The best way to eat is with your hands. Don’t pound your food with a fork. This will cause your body to turn to fat. It is better to use your hands. The way I eat is by biting down on the meat and letting it sink in to my mouth. Then I will take a couple slow small swallows. The reason I swallow is to let my body know I am satisfied. Your body will know you are full when you stop eating. You should stop after two to three hours. Your body should be fully used and it won’t work as hard to digest nutrients. So stop eating at two to three hours. Don’t drink alcohol and you should have something to drink.

You can find a meal starter that will make it very easy for you to control your meal prep, dinner, lunch and snacks. You can even have frozen fruit juice in the form of a shake, in your meal starter. This is the best way to control your meal prep and have nutritious meals ready for you whenever you are. I promise that you will get in shape and feel fantastic with this meal starter.

So keep these tips in mind when you are meal prepping. You will be surprised at how simple it is to prepare your meals. You will be able to prep your meals and have them ready by the time you are having a meeting or heading out for work. This is the best way to eat healthy.

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