A Healthy Diet Can Be Just as Awesome As Losing 10 Pounds!

A Healthy Diet Can Be Just as Awesome As Losing 10 Pounds!


When i decided to try and change my diet, my intention was to try and lose 10lbs by the end of the year, my main motive was to feel better about myself, and feel less vulnerable. I wanted to have more confidence going into the new year. I had a lot of problems going into the new year with food as i suffered with dyspepsia for years, but i had an amazing support system of family and friends, which helped me in overcoming all these issues.

If you have decided to change your eating habits i would suggest that you take the following steps:

1. Don’t rush it! Make it a gradual process that will take you a good month or so to reach your goal.

2. Remember that this is a lifestyle change that requires commitment and patience. You should want to do this. If you start to feel pressured, or pressured, you will not be able to continue it. It’s an investment for you, not for others.

3. You will feel very vulnerable while you are eating healthily, so be very conscious about how you present yourself, and be aware of your environment.

Drink Water

4. Take plenty of fluids. Remember, you are attempting to change your lifestyle which has been affecting you for years. Drink plenty of water.
5. Be very aware of the fact that your eating habit is affecting your health. Remember that your heart is the size of a pear, and eating heart healthy is a great investment for you. Eating heart healthy, is a great investment for others too. These things will affect your health, as well.
6. For you to be able to feel empowered, be aware of how you are able to change the way you think about food. Your thought patterns about food will change, and be able to take the thought patterns from your partner and kids, who will also be taking your new lifestyle to help you. Your food choices will have changed.


7. Be aware that once you start your new lifestyle, once you feel more empowered, you will be able to change your mood. Your mood will be a great investment for you.

If you are thinking of eating healthier and losing 10 pounds, you will never feel pressured again, and it will be a great investment for you and your partner to help you continue this great lifestyle change. You will be the better for this change, and they will not.

Be Strong. Be Forward.