Best Keto Cookie Recipes

whats going on men its Jaidyn here thanks for clicking my video today Im Quito like Jaime on Instagram if you havent discovered me on there yet today I have something exceptionally delicious for you men among my all-time favorites in the whole world chocolate chip cookies there keto paleo homemade goodness but before we start please like this video and register for my channel it would suggest the world to me I have two special little visitors today one huge and this is the wild mom and then once small you people have most likely seen him in the past and hes like being a lazy co-star you excited to satisfy the cookies I am do so if youre new to my channel thanks for occurring I hope you guys really like some of the material Im putting out and some of these simple homemade dishes theyre great options for the typical trash that is out there and even stuff you bought from the shop I cant suggest enough to make whatever in your home homemade that is what were here for youll see me do a great deal of dish videos with Logans need and our objective is truly simply to help promote health and health and make really yummy homemade dishes that everyone can do in your home and we try to make it extremely simple for you people so lets get to it the active ingredients for todays chocolate chip cookies the keto chocolate chip cookies this macadamia nut beverage weve got vanilla extract a bit of monk fruit baking powder almond flour these fantastic dark chocolate chips that are sweetened with stevia which Im truly thrilled about our wild foods kosher salt and coconut oil all right so do you remember my preferred food item maturing besides pizza yes besides Pizza chip cookies yes shell tell you they needed to be chewy I think yes soft baked if y all have had those chips avoid soft baked I believe I would eat the entire bundle well that was if my sibling didnt get to him initially he would definitely and I would get so upset I would like the other version Cheers thats how it addicted I was to sugar man Im in fact truly delighted about these special little men but theyre so excellent because theres stevia-sweetened and at 55% cacao I would either attempt something like this or just do you truthfully a hundred percent cacao pieces or chips either that or simply make them on your own Im in fact going to show you men how to make chocolate chunks by yourself so you do not have to buy the store-bought ones theyre so basic so all were gon na do is blend all the active ingredients really well and after that well pour the damp components in for our coconut oil I just melted them over here prior to we start mama did you ever think in your wildest dreams that your daughter would remain in the kitchen doing and creating recipes all this never its so amusing we constantly speak about how I basically never prepared never wanted to and I never understood how to do any of it and now here I am in the kitchen area showing you all dishes and how to do them its rather amazing how life works however I would not have it any other method due to the fact that having total control over what is going in my food is truthfully such a concern to me and also my household all of us cook were a household of chefs and we get it all from mother so now mothers gon na show y all how to put whatever in a bowl alright go on were gon na do all dry components now were gon na add the wet active ingredients all were going to do is one teaspoon of vanilla extract and we have two tablespoons of coconut oil in here that is melted I actually like to use a rubber spatula people due to the fact that otherwise youre gon na leave a ton of ingredients left over simply 2 to 3 tape teaspoons of this nut milk sort of depending on what you prefer Im gon na go with 3 and here we are were gon na mix this into a good best little dough all right so I enjoy utilizing these silicone little baking sheets theyre incredible simple cleanup and you do not have to waste parchment paper and then you just put it on this little baking sheet its nonstick were simply gon na form all of the little cookies and well be excellent to go were gon na put them all into like little balls and then here they are it does not make a lot of cookies but thats totally ok I do not need to eat a great deal of cookies so this is good alright so were gon na put it yeah looks so great were gon na put it in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes at 325 all ideal men its had to do with 12 to 13 minutes Wow they look quite perfect to me oh Im so thrilled Treys alright men wow I am very pleased with how these came out look how good they look the easiest components what do you believe mommy I got the greatest one you think theyre gon na resemble a 10 I understand theyre gon na be a temperature people dairy-free keto paleo probably AIP whole 30 potentially so excellent heres the huge reveal lets provide it a go Cheers so bud chewy and just a truly great texture chocolatey put great deals of chocolate chips in there hmm thats good thats my copy food dance I do it all the time I require something great mmm all right men I hope you liked that dish as much as Bailey did what do you believe fails he states no comment um it is extremely easy and delicious remark listed below if y all wind up making that a person again please discuss and subscribe to me some other great concepts for recipes thanks for seeing bye