Diet and Weight Loss Hacks: Foods skinny people eat

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Are you trying to lose weight and be healthy? I have some confidential gratuities for you! So, 2 years ago I moved to Miami and I discovered that a lot of the people here where feeing the same thing. They’re all really healthy, certainly skinny and I never known about these foods until I came here so I felt like I had assembled the golf-club! Today, I’m gonna share those secrets with you.

The first thing that I want to talk about is Weight Watchers. We’re gonna start with dessert! The cookies and ointment ice cream bars…

Have you guys had these ?! They’re AMAZING- they are only 90 calories per forbid and it’s dipped in chocolate.


Fabulous! Too, the halo meridian is really good.

But it comes in a jug and I feel like I’ll snack method too much. These are section controlled- I simply have one. There are six rails in a jam-pack so realizes it great- I can have basically one for every day of the week. The next thing that I want to show you guys are Wasa crackers.


I had no idea that these things existed until I moved here so Wasa crackers are really great crisp crackers.

I munch these with salmon with a piece of avocado on top a lot of meters for dinner. I’ll have this as part of my banquet and they’re really great. They only have 70 calories for three of these big crackers and they’re like the dimensions of the a graham cracker. They’re very large so you get that carb/ starchy kind of feel but it’s still very healthy and good for you. So Wasa Crackers!

Doctor Kracker is another brand that also has a very similar product.


You can find these by the way on the chip alley the majority of cases but like across from the microchips. At least at Publix they have like a healthier option division. That’s where you find them. Okay!

Next, I want to talk about breakfast. Everybody has the silk almond milk. So I like the vanilla- you can do the unsweetened and it’s you know less sugar…

however I just I can’t make the smack so I do the regular silk vanilla and I actually desegregate it with Shakeology. I do a chocolate Shakeology every morning I do this and three cubes of frost mixture, it in the blender and I’m out the door really quickly and I have a super healthful breakfast! Another thing is I try to take a lot of water during the day.


I’m trying cut down on diet coke but sometimes I really get so sick of water and so that’s where my chocolate—I actually get dark chocolate which is weird because I exclusively like milk chocolate– but with this particular product the dark chocolates really good tastes like chocolate milk but it’s almond milk. So you get a lot of protein here so the stats on its actually– I’m sorry– not protein –you is a lot of CALCIUM with almond milk- 50 percentage more calcium than regular milk!

So that’s amazing especially for women. We need that calcium until it’s a good way to get it. Okay, next I want to talk to you about dinner! I am wearied when I come in from act and I’m trying to go to the gym, so I need something rapid and easy I’m trying to do more salads at night and so I take a mix of kale and spinach and so the kale is a little bittersweet and so the spinach includes a little bit of a better flavor for me.


Let’s say you are not in the mood for salad but you miss something healthy for dinner you could easily do like a baked chicken and have a side.

I really like these birds see steamers and so the garlic cauliflower is actually my favorite. All you do for this is articulated it in the microwave for five minutes and it’s ready! For about a hundred and fifty calories so you can eat this entire bag. So you’re really hungry and you’ve got cauliflower..

.Simple Five hours and you’re ready to go! It mixes really well with like chicken or something light. Next: another side that you can do is couscous, again these are really easy the Birdseye steamers and they only take five minutes to cook, you sounds them in.


This one has spinach in it as well.

I too like the couscous that you can buy. And this one has 200 calories per serving. This is the toasted pine nut, which I adoration, and this one is the wild mushroom and herb. And it has a hundred and ninety calories per serving so both really great alternatives. Okay.

Let’s get eerie! Are you ready? SEAWEED. I know, it’s strange, I know, but the stuff is really good for you and “ve got a lot” of detoxifying owneds, so something you may want to simply check out. It’s really low-calorie.

Something different. Speaking of detox, this is NOT to eat but if you like to come home and have a relaxing soak in the tub this substance is amazing! This is Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt and it’s the relax and easing mix. Fantastic!

It’s got eucalyptus and spearmint, it’s like you’re going to the spa and it’s really good for you it detoxifies the bad things out of your torso and certainly helps you after a workout.


It feels amazing! So, check this one out! It’s like going to the spa at home. Last-place, I precisely have some other little things.

I introduced edamame on my salads and if you’re wish a snack the Sabra hummus is great. I’m gonna eat it this week with carrots. So there you go! That’s what I bought at the grocery store this week. I hope you enjoy and let’s get health together!

I want to hear your storey so satisfy be sure to subscribe and leave me a comment below. Are you just now getting started? What’s in your grocery go-cart? I want to hear from you! See you next time.

Hey, if you liked any of those products that you accompanied precisely sound in the link right below and you can order them. It’s really amazing. I like requiring the epsom salts from Amazon. They really show up at your doorway you don’t even have to carry them from the grocery store.





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