Fast Food Keto?

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Fast Food Keto ?

We are sharing with you, our top five fast foods, banquets, best options on the road on the go right here. After some deliberation, we came up with the list of 5 and honestly, there’s probably only like a few cases others that could have originated the index and for fast food. We didn’t weigh things like five guys in and out Buffalo Wild Wings Wing stop things like that.

Those would all definitively be above everything now. This is like McDonald’s level fast-food, so you make us know below what your top five top five going in reverse order. Number five chick-fil-a. Can I have the eight portion grilled Pieces meal with a line-up? Salad?

So what we got was an eight counting of grilled nuggets and then a line-up salad with avocado lime, ranch garmenting, Diet, Coke, you get a soda with it, but these grilled off stages is not just chicken. It’s like chicken, there’s a knot of fillers and stuff in it.

It’s I review, two carbs per how many per six or eight so how much? How much you think this meal was? If you don’t remember, seven bucks 850, that’s a ripoff! This is not a lot of. This is not filling me up.

No. This is three grams of carbs to carbohydrate. I wouldn’t really want to eat this, but it’s like a decent option, because at least it’s 32 grams of fatty, the downside is the solid comes from soybean oil, which you’ll find is almost inevitable when you’re eating at fast food diners. If you’re wanting to add obesities to your banquets and you’re thinking, oh I’ll, only give containers of butter, it’s not butter. Its buttery spread, which is margarine.

We’ve never tried the Nugget, so I am stimulated about that. I mean you go first. Is it flavored at all? That’s good, it’s an a-plus tastes like chicken, though, so it’s a shame that it’s just not straight chicken. I such as those, oh yeah, those the working day, there’s nothing.

I could snack those all day. It’s not atrocious. I’ve construe a lot worse like the Taco Bell. Salad is really bad, so I is certainly say excellence salad. I’ve had Wendy, so I’ve had a lot of salads digit four KFC look at the$ 5 fill up boxes.

Oh, can I have one second sure. Let me have you pour back to the first menu council and then, when you’re ready to place the line-up pull back up, you can’t speak the menu gum, what okay, but we can’t see the menu. Thank you first. We, but you can’t see tomato absurd. It’s not even a full menu back here.

This is not the full flee. You expect we want Fred , now, there’s grilled chicken right there, the teenagers meal. Okay, I changed my sentiment um the number two, the two peas grey, combo, original grilled, what society drink green beans and do you have like Diet? Sprite? I have that perfect Diet.

Pepsi then, satisfy, literally cold food. Oh my gosh, the service is great. The service people. Some people time want to go at all days. You know who’s ready to go throw of a hat, they’re, looking for an extra my waters open and we just got a ten-piece bucket and we just ate the whole bucket of grilled chicken.


So it’s good we’ve had it, and this is called a fill-up box, so it was only five dollars. It’s one of those five dollar container things and it comes with a guzzle, dad coke they didn’t even give us our cookie did that no, they didn’t apply us our cookie were supposed to cookie the experience. It was a terrifying venture, eight plus, on the verbal harassment from the word you crave. You go to can’t see. We came dark-green nuts, lettuce beans aside, and then we got the two-piece.

What is that? That’s a tit breasts in a wing, but the nice thing about the grilled is you’re not dealing with like deep-fried oils and fast food is always gonna fry it and like some bad petroleum. So, at least it’s like not are affected by that downside, though, is the only side they have like 12 different features. The only one that’s good for keto is these lettuce beans here and they’ve been like brewing in a soup for 17 daytimes, they’re like soggy and terrible, but I’m gonna give them a try for you. Try what am i eating any nutrient?

Little baby food come on bro trialing! Oh my gosh yeah. It’s only zero exertion on that! That’s really bad! I signify chickens tasty!

It’s hard to really mess up. No ton of spice is this skin witness I convey the salt like I’m eating it am I happy? No, the grilled chicken and it’ll bury place to place, there’s a really good option. The only thing is again. This is gonna, be fairly high-pitched protein and there’s no real means to add fatty to your meal whatsoever.

Yeah they don’t have fat in the accumulation at all like the butter is not real butter. There’s no, like you know, dress or anything good. To supplement same with chick-fil-a , now it’s getting good just so you guys know the top three is like a clear-cut top three and then there’s everything in my view, number three Jimmy John’s jayjay in members of this house, dr J in the house can I have a number 12 contribute bacon. Can I do like a un wish , no Matt , no mail and that’ll. Be it.

Thank you. You very digit 12 Beach Club Beach Club, and then we computed bacon and Matt took off the mail. So the mail is gonna have soy bean, oil or canola petroleum, you can always computed it at home. So, like that’s what I would do with, I was get it for dinner. I would just bring home and douse it in mail.

This was $8.76. That’s a little pricey right. It’s I mean you can make this at home for three dollars: yeah, maybe even less you like it. It’s all kind of spread, good, nice and refreshing, and they know how to do a good Unwin stare, yeah , not a ton of flavor. So these are like the certainly the best lettuce wrap sandwiches I’ve ever had from Jimmy Johnson.

You can mostly get all the sandwiches as lettuce, wraps, ooh they’re, pretty much all keto friendly and the nutrition is online, which is great. You can build it online. You can also do this up like metro and stuff and wishes. I’M sure you could you don’t think you’re gonna. Let us wrap you probably could or a salad container there’s options.

If you don’t want like a bun or something number two is Wendy. I’M sure you guys construed it coming hi can I have a double bacon cheeseburger with no bun. Thank you. So Wendy’s is Hyuna right, a couple reasonableness they give you actual food. This is a hamburger.

It’s actually simply ground beef bacon. It’s like only bacon cheese is not real cheese. It’s like bullshit single though, but this entire thing is like two carbs. I judge the cheese has one gram, each yeah it searches crowding. It examines savory tempting and hard to find that, like if I get a bun less burger at McDonalds, it’s gonna be like a little puny thing.

It would be so gross and it wouldn’t even be like a good chocolate-brown pigment. The path we sought it was not the best way, I’m pretty sure we got a bacon. I said doubled bacon cheeseburger, but he accused me for a Baconator, but I think if you precisely dictate the patties individually they’re like a dollar, so quarter-pound patties, a bacon, is a dollar. So you can like structure your own thing for cheaper than this is just a 650. I anticipate yeah so precisely improve your own you’re good to go getting in here.

It smells so good yeah. “Its like” one of the few fast food banquets. I were really feel pretty good about gobbling like it’s not too far off from what you would cook at home yeah when I opened it. I was like we should go now more frequently like I understand why a lot of parties do go here. That is tasty.

Little on the cool slope for certain, but as far as fast food burgers move, I’ve never been a huge fast-food, burger chap. This savor like character, at least I’m not a craftsmanship single. Since I was like seven, they savor so different, yeah they’re , not good. Don’T they taste like uh like cheese, you would get it like a carnival, that’s interesting! I would simply get like the patties and making it home and settled cheese on it myself.

I might even lean this at number one. If I’m being honest, this is more my style of eating you’ll realize our number one number one. This is like a just an actual pound of meat. Salad, ya know, can I do the carnitas okay so now, should we try it? Can I get some queso as well cuz it’s noon, we’ve never tried it.

Is it good, have you had it? Can we get the tomato, salsa, cheese and guac? I was usually get sour ointment okay. So “its probably” the best bang for your container receipt 7:30 and we got a guac. Did they accuses for additional?

I don’t think she did. Mostly, all you want to avoid is like the beans, the rice, the no free stains, which is like tofu 9 per serving. We likewise got the queso cheese, which is new and it’s a duo grams of carbs per serving, but we want to try it and we’ll. Let you know what we guess the flesh we got is carnitas, that’s a highest solid flesh. They have there.

So that’s why we went with that. But all of the meat alternatives are good and then we got a salad container. So no makes no rice. Really a better lettuce: that’s it! This is a lot really....

Keto Burger

I figure out how large-hearted at their banquets, I don’t get the vinaigrette, though that’s like merely loaded with sugar. No, you want to try okay, so I can try it after Jason’s , not them no Matt. The gays, oh and you know what I’m gonna agree with Matt. I meditate the Baconator wendy’s makes first place. Sorry Chipotle your second I like Wendy’s.

First I used to be a lot better than “they’re saying” I haven’t been so long. It doesn’t savour like tone. Real food there’s a few cases menus that just everything that you get from the place has the same taste to it, and Chipotle is one of those locates like it. Precisely has a Chipotle taste. I make it’s also consistent.

So if you enjoy Chipotle, you always know what you’re getting, which is good but yeah, so changing it out. Sorry Wendy’s brand-new number one Wendy’s is killing. This is big and good. Yeah, that’s filling that’s a great option for accessibility on the go a snack whatever and then some we didn’t mention but have good alternatives. Popeyes has the scorched tenders yeah.

We didn’t count anything! That’s like a regional thing. Arby’s, a lot of people do that there’s their brisket, I’m not into just like eating roast beef on it. Yeah and their cheese is probably just really gross cheese more, but no yeah. They have like a smokehouse brisket thing you can get with no bun.

That’s perhaps kind of good McDonald’s Burger King bun less, burgers they’re, precisely not as good as Wendy’s Wendy’s is better Taco Bell has alternatives the egg large-hearted taco taco, but they only have for breakfast and then you can do like a protein salad container there too, as well Doing this really reminded me how poor of a quality all this suit is, and if I had the option of snack prepping or like fix late at night after I got home, I is very likely instead do that, but it’s so cheap. It’s incredibly cheap, like if you’re eating, carbs Burger King, ten spicy chicken nuggets for 129 or one chilly 50 pennies, damn those three times a day yeah you can get 2,000 calories for, like four bucks at Burger King no problems. I understand why some people eat it. I would say stay away if at all possible like it’s, it’s not that doesn’t give that long to cook at home meal. Prep sound like that, but if you’re gonna eat fast food, you know the best five arranges to go.



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