Full Day Of Eating Keto Style

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So I am going to be walking you through my day of what I dine so we’re following flexible dieting and macros. So mostly, most of my foods that I’m going to show you today is kind of what I do midweek and then it’s just it’s a lot of what I prepare the night before that’s already ready for me that for the next day, so I have it with Me, but if I want to change anything, I can do that and that’s the point of first resilient dieting. So, if I decide this snack that I returned with me, I didn’t really want to eat that today, but I missed something else that had a protein carb or fat. Well, I can do that so, but then I wouldn’t be seeing either way you won’t be stuck. So that’s the point of adaptable dieting and macros flexible dieting is dining anything eating.

Whatever there’s no restriction, so many beings restrict themselves then that effects binging causes. Plateaus list goes on, so that’s what adaptable dieting it macros is a specific number protein, carbs or overweight that is customized to each person in that individual and the needs and requirements precisely, and if you formerly you get that number figured out, you can eat whatever you want to That number, as long as you stick within that range, so it collections from you are familiar with: people who want overweight loss or who want to gain it gains or people who time want to maintain, want to enjoy life and enjoy life’s meat. So I’m going to give you a rundown starting with meal, one all the way to my last-place meal of the working day and kind of give you an explanation and info on that banquet. Why I’m eating it? How much is in it now keep in mind that what I’m eating, what I’m going to be sharing with you today is a number that’s specifically designed for me at least it can help guide you and get you going in the right direction.


So, simply by me sharing with you how I organize my daytimes. Likewise I’m going to be demonstrate you how what I do as far as entering and kind of explain like excusing it to you with the banquets and then most of the time. I strategy everything than the darkness before so reach the easy. So I can only start my date and not have to think about it, but it becomes such a practice. It becomes part of your lifestyle that, if it’s simple and it’s only as complicated as you make it – and it’s really not that complicated, it’s just having such structures and having the opinions and where to go from there.

So but hopefully this can kind of help, get you motivate you and get you provoked to structure, utter your own adaptable, dieting or give you at least started. So I like to use my fitness buddy for all my tracking of my macros and my meat. I generally like to log everything the nighttime before I even start my next day, because then everything’s going to be already logged and already tracked, so I once know how to prep for the next day. So, if I decide I want to change anything that day after it’s everything’s been enter it’ll, be super simple, exactly to change things out. So if I didn’t want this banquet, then I can eliminate that out and add something else in so then I’m not scrambling trying to figure out got to log everything in at the last minute.

So I like to get it on the darkness before contrive my dinners out when I’m actually prepping my nutrient and I’m logging at the same time. So then it’s just it’s easy, you’re doing it all at once, you’re not was just trying to do several things throughout the day. This is by far the most accurate and best app for macros for any moving that I’ve ever exercised. The database of nutrients is huge, so you’re going to always find what you need. Otherwise, it’s really really simple to put in any foods or recipes that you’re using realizes it easy to stay on track.


I love it starting with meal one. We have my protein hotcakes with my strawberries and probably one of my favorite banquets ever so we’re going to kept it in we’re gonna start with meal one. So we put in our egg whites, do half a goblet and gives you the rundown of. What’s in it, we’ve got twelve detail five grams of protein and we’re going to add in to the one cup of oatmeal the sugar-free cheesecake flavor fat-free jello mix, and then we include in my strawberries, four ounces. We was your day so we’re going to complete that in there and there it is the sugar free overweight free jello actually stimulates it really moist represents it genuinely soft builds it savor really really good.

So I like to incorporate that in and I merge it with liquid. Really in into a batter just like you would oblige hotcakes, this is one of my most favorite dinners. As I said before, and you know you can do whatever you want. That’s the site of flexible dieting is just fitting in and feeing something that you experience and you can eat every day if you wanted to so. This is by far my favorite one that I like to eat most mornings and because I’m so hectic and rushing out the door, it fixes it quick and easy.

I make it the nighttime before it’s ready for me to give in the refrigerator and to go. I can eat it on the go which is nice like most of us. We don’t have time to spend on originating breakfast in the morning, so this is easy-peasy all right meal number two, which I’ve got: seven ounces of sugared potato yam. I’ve got about 2 ounces of fresh-cut corn, three ounces of chicken. This is the meal I like to eat.

Before my workout and again, you watch my recent video it’s an hour before practice, because these the the protein and the the yeah, the protein and chicken and the sugared potato is going to be slower digesting, which makes slower absorption into your organisation. So you want to give your yourself some time for that to completely absorb into and get ready for, you get ready to be used when needed, which would be training. So if you dine too fast before devour too soon before your instruct you’re, truly not going to utilize anything from your carbs and your protein until much last-minute into your schooling. So that’s why I like to eat an hour before, and so this is my second meal. Pre-Workout – and this is the one I actually desire “the worlds largest”, because it’s simple – it savor good and it’s it’s just the best options, but you can there’s so many other options out there, so you really select what works best for you.

So today, for my post-workout meal, I decided to have cookies my recipe I made from the other night, which is the cranberry flax cookies. So I decided I wanted this as my post-workout meal with half a dollop of whey protein, so I simply did half a dollop because I only needed you are familiar with. I only need so much protein in the working day. So I calibrated that out to exactly what I needed most included in my so I procreate my recipes, so we got my cranberry flax cookies here, okay, so the M& M’s huh, so I had two of the cookies I manually employed all this in when I Made the cookie, so I knew exactly what was in a quantity, so I had two cookies. So that gives you the rundown and two cookies was eight point: six grams of fat.

We go down to twenty one point, eight grams of carbs and then it’s just new two part: nine, approximately three grams of protein. So you can see here that I’m having this right after my workout, I get a lot of carbs and they’re fast digesting so they’re going to be more opt to be used for recovery and refueling, delivering your insulin back up from from exercise. So we’re going to put those in having a quick digesting, carb foods, ATS higher on the glycemic degree and a sugar. Your body is going to be more opt to use it as recovery, generating your insulin back up. That’s expended through employ, instead of storing it as solid, so many parties think they can’t experience things like this, but it’s really what it is is just wrong timing or even either too much not enough exercise.

So you can have these things and make it use. Most of your assistances so have a cookie after your workout, like I did so today. This was my post workout of choice. Yummy, you haggard na watch me eat so good. So this is my fourth snack of the day which I’ve already happy and because I’m starving – but it was one cup of quinoa tomatoes, a assortment of cucumber chicken.

I often like to eat this dinner or I feed my fourth dinner about 45 hours to an hour. After my post-workout or after my training, so I have my post-workout meal, which is the cookies and the whey protein, and now I’m having this about 45 instants to an hour last-minute, I generally probably eat a little bit sooner than that because I get so hungry, but Yeah, so this is a meal number four, and these were my alternatives today. So far of what I required so and again, you can get so innovative with what you demand, but I only affection fresh home-cooked food, so hammy, my fortunate and food right. Fifth meal of the day, oops um. So this is seven ounces.

Red potatoes got green beans underneath there um that’s about a 90 grams of light-green beans, and then I have ground turkey, that’s cooked with different herbs and spices, and likewise tumeric, which is really good for you joint some sorenes. So this is my fifth snack like to stick with my carbs around my workouts, precisely because I believed to be exploit the carbs more to your benefit when they are around your improve. So it doesn’t have to be right around your rehearsal. But that’s how I like it classifies, gives me energy, so I’m so fifth snack. Today it is yummy.

I can’t wait to eat it. I’M gonna eat it now: okay, okay, all right! So we’re on last-place meal of the working day, which would be meal six. I got two entire eggs hard-boiled two articles of toast, which is the Alvarado Street, the recording Alvarado Street Bakery. So this one’s the sprouted whole wheat, eat, the one I get from Costco.

So I’m halfway finished organizing my dinner. Seven, six! Sorry messing it up. Okay! So last meal, at the tea we are going to put in there is our protein bread put into slices.

Now we get a whole eggs oops, so we want two of those two and let’s see, and then we turn in avocado. I did about 31 grams of avocado, so we did that so last dinner of the day is put in alright. The final product, scatter of garlic and pepper on top, is the liquid mmm okay finishing today with this going down the hatch. Oh, this is been my favorite dinner. I knew my daytime with this for the last like week.


It’s so good, I know I’ll have another, a new obsession soon and I’ll share it with you guys mmm. So my next video is going to be on when you’re out and preferring different options to fit into your resilient dieting for macros, so watch out for that video. I’M gonna finish dining this. Okay, okay, hi MA – and here is the rundown of my era. So you can see why calories never matter, because I’m only two 2521 calories went over what it said, but I’m almost about to my flab led direction over my carbs, which I need it.

So I’m not too worried about that. That’s about of what I’ve been hitting the last few weeks and then protein I went over my protein, but because I did go over my protein a little bit, I’m not too worried about filling up my macros with my solid. So it’s it’s! Never you never wanted to you, don’t have to stress and obsess on it being exact multitudes so in the ballpark is just fine, but I pretty much hit my macros somewhere around there carbs not too worried about again, because I need the carbs. I envisage carbs certainly maximize more fatty burn and more lean muscle gain and plus you feel so much better.

Instead of being UNAC flat-looking, I fantasize carbs really fill in your muscles. Give you that conglomerate, curvy ogle, which is something we all want so eat your carbs they’re, really good for you! That’s all there is to it so eat your carbs. So this is um the completion of my period. So you can see that we give attention to macros , not so much better calories, because if you’re following calories and you’re only trying to get like 1400 calories and you’re going to cut yourself short of everything, you need.

So that’s why you do not pay attention to calories. Give attention to macros. Thank you so much better for watching chaps. I hope you obtained this really instructive and beneficial to your own. Flexible, dieting macro needs satisfy like and share mention below.

If you have any questions check out my facebook, Jen Huard and my Instagram honey, buns fit or Jen Huard fit, I’m looking forward to bringing you guys more stuff meat and more meat ha

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