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A Great Keto Recipe

A Great Keto Recipe

Low carb shrimp and grits .I’ll become the judge of the welcome to highfalutin reduced-carb the almost every week internet series where we find examination and often create the finest low carb recipes this ridiculous. Internet is offering these days we’re planning to tackle a seaside the southern area of favored a recipe that is certainly near and dear to my coronary heart shrimp and grits. Stay tuned folks I really like shrimp and grits it’s a recipe that’s equally at home at a expensive supper party because it is around the weeknight dinner kitchen table so these days.

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I’m moving to show you the way we can convert a delicious coastal southern favored like shrimp and grits into something that we can enjoy on the low carb dinner especially on the weeknight. Among my tricks here is frozen cauliflower and yes fresh cauliflower is excellent. But for the value for what we’re going to do when you’re usually ricing it you know ricing your cauliflower or mashing your cauliflower or what. We’re going to take action between to produce the texture of grits why devote the amount of money for fresh cauliflower, when for around a buck seventy nine. You can aquire a iced pound from that point from your freezer area and i also say refreshing because Well I’m within the south so it’s August there’s not cauliflower expanding within about 1,500 or 2,000 kilometers of where I am.

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So any clean cauliflower which is standing upright within my food store has traveled cross-nation. To obtain here plus they choose it several weeks before it’s all set to go and after that ship it to our supermarket shelves. Where we say Oh clean cauliflower it’s summer no actually no that’s a chilly weathers cold period veggie so oftentimes the fresher option is iced because this is usually used within a couple of days of harvesting. When it’s ripe and ready to select and take right into a digesting facility and flash frosty and packaged packed and saved stored. And been delivered which means you know inside the grand plan of issues. Sometimes if you don’t need to worry about consistency. Like we’re planning to do we’re going to mash it anyway then sometimes frozen is best what I put a multi-colored out. Like the things i set a vegetable dish out with dips and things. Frozen Colville hell no but this is a very good option to specially to get a weeknight so that’s we’re planning to start here. All right method warmth pan over medium sized heat what we’re planning to do is i’m i’ve got some pancetta here.

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And this can be a pretty simple recipe and I’ve sort of fancied it up. I suppose you can say because I would like to have pancetta and and shallots and a few other things that you might not consider. But guess what that’s just bacon and onions all of that is simply uncured version of bacon and a bit slightly various onion. So just change this as you see match this is simply a template a guideline so all proper pound of frosty cauliflower and we’re just planning to chuck that in a microwave-safe container. I really like just a little casserole meal for this particular get out of the way and don’t even include drinking water into it this goes inside the microwave for four minutes .Make sure to put a lid into it in the event you don’t have a lid put a plate at the top alright now while that’s taking place and that’s in the microwave oven .We are going to sautee our pancetta or our bacon whichever you like this really is about four ounces this bundle of Boar’s Head. I do believe it had been pancetta but if you don’t have pancetta then about six slices of bacon just diced up and we’re going to place that in a method-substantial skillet we don’t will need this shouting hot.

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There’s no will need you are aware that this will be really sort of low warmth fine so we’re just planning to render this down just a bit now this appearance kind of low fat for me so when it comes to. At least this pancetta I might add a tablespoon of bacon excess fat to this particular while we may go along here so what we’re planning to do is attempt to get every little thing ready simultaneously. This really is so going to happen so quickly it’s about 15-20 minutes overall. However the shrimp needs to be eaten preferably for me. I love it finest when it’s fresh when it’s just appear of off the warmth and meanwhile the grits are cauliflower that may kind of wait for just a second.

So when you have to do something and then the other obtain the Brits produced first then attend to the shrimp so that’s pretty simple fine. Therefore i was at the fish marketplace earlier today asking yourself the things i was going to motion picture understanding. I needed to film and we have a wonderful seafood marketplace within the town that I’m in and i also found some stunning gulf shrimp. Now lots of people don’t gain access to clean shrimp and that’s good you can utilize frosty I would personally prefer frosty uncooked get uncooked not frosty prepared shrimp For this obtain the frozen uncooked shrimp these come in a one-pound package deal. which was a one pound of gulf shrimp i have here they are 16 20s which means There’s 16 to 20 shrimp per pound ok that’s what those numbers indicate you often see 24 25 shrimp.

I mean there’s 24 to 25 shrimp inside a pound this really is 16 20 you can find nice size .I think they’re pretty they appear very good on their behalf for what we require them for here and that i choose kalon that’s type of. I guess you might say the residents way to do it you kind of need to get your convenience a bit oily and a bit buttery because there’s plenty of butter and product in this particular from obtaining your shrimp tails to enjoy. Your shrimp by hand it’s generally not just a knife and fork type of sort of foods but that’s your decision alright so we’re going to get this bacon or pancetta within my case get this sauteed it may be slightly very hot.

I’m going to transform it down just a skosh and we’re likely to keep this inside the board until it gets crispy and then we’re planning to take it out. And then leave the bacon fat or pancetta excess fat pork excess fat behind for all of us to add some body fat to and prepare food our shrimp in .So and then in the end we’ll put this crispy bacon crispy pancetta to the very top for final garnish so just let this make even though that’s working let’s check on our cauliflower it’s inside the microwave

This our cauliflower spinning for 4 a few minutes probably just need to stir yeah it’s nowhere near done fine we’re good it’s planning to take about 10 minutes mostly within the microwave oven for this back in microwave oven mommy 5 minutes. Alright so we’re almost here with this particular pancetta we have to move this up now yeah that appears very good you don’t want to go very far using this you would like too crispy however, you certainly don’t wish to burn it and all of that gorgeous pork body fat keeps behind and does its work. Here in a minute so let’s begin to move this up here take a look having a slotted place leave unwanted fat behind.

Alright from here we’re going to consider one shallot and brownish this inside the pork body fat just one shallot or about two tablespoons of onion. In case you have an onion this doesn’t take long. Whatsoever this occurs pretty quickly, so don’t let this prosper individuals keep the eyesight on the ball okay so once it becomes some colour onto it. We’re going to toss in it is a 1 tablespoon of garlic clove minced garlic cloves. I personally use a jarred item sometimes I truly do over a weeknight food such as this heck yeah which means this only demands literally this only demands about 30 seconds, as if you burn off this you’ve wrecked it you. Got to start off over truthfully burnt garlic will destroy a recipe instantaneously and that is not what we should want.

Nowadays so to that 3 tablespoons of salted butter okay, then again you don’t want this pan screaming very hot. This is not you’re not searing meats here.But we’re likely to place this some position the shrimp in once this buttermilk. Oh yeah it’s all set to go so here’s a pound of peeled deveined tail on shrimp. I enjoy tail upon you choose what your household loves and then in it goes and just leave it alone for any second place it in. I’ll let it rest alone allow it to sit down. I’m gonna move this up to a little bit more a little bit more heat okay and this has been sitting down here for 10 or 15 seconds. After a few moments secs just shift it close to you don’t want the garlic clove to burn and you also don’t necessarily wish to sear the shrimp.

You’re basically making what you would probably know is actually a scampi sauce right shrimp scampi and that’s yet another thing this can be this beautiful shrimp. Once you’ve carried this out you already know we’re likely to put it on our grits you might definitely put this on some shirataki noodles. So when you like those zoodles zucchini noodles something that way heck you could just take in it along them if you wanted to. Though with the rice cauliflower taken down to grit territory and seasoned appropriately. You really get yourself a pretty reasonable approximation of shrimp and grits truthfully fine at this time this has been around for about eight moments.

Now whoo all of that vapor and that i utilize a potato masher all right that’s how I can type of. Determine the texture of what’s happening so let’s see nope still needs three four more a few minutes and you’ll just you’ll you’ll understand how this works. If you’re producing mashed potatoes you’re planning to prepare food it just a little longer than if you’re making grits. If you’re producing rice you’re planning to cook it a little less and if you’re producing grits so you type of figured out escape there all right this guy’s going back in for about four more a few minutes. Okay let’s see our shrimp is performing you don’t desire to overcook these shrimp will not take a long time in order to cook.

So that’s the reason why you really just kind of need to get your cauliflower inside the microwave oven first if you want to do your cauliflower on the stovetop that’s fine too. Just place it within the stock container but you’ll must put about a quarter mug of water to that. Because the warmth through the direct heat will obviously make that the small tougher to cook having said that i do it all the time. If you’re using refreshing cauliflower just do the exact same point to the microwave oven or it can be done in in the stove in a container just be mindful of the way you’re food preparation.

The only thing you reached do effortless-peasy fine our cauliflower is practically carried out we’re planning to this can be ready we’re planning to convert this off closed it down take it off the temperature. Or I can just let it rest here it becomes an induction burner so it’ll stay off the heat. But from here we’re likely to put a few things this is about a 1/2 mug of scallion you may use a lot more than this this becomes now this is where we receive into like you add in some heavy carbs. Which means you got to be careful with how much of this you include and after that we’re also going to put our bacon in cases like this it was pancetta which is just Italian uncured bacon.

The same one’s just usually smoked and healed and ones not kinds refreshing so that’s all there is to that so that we just leave this and it’s going to hold out on us for people to end. The cauliflower and after that we’re likely to plate and devour this AHA probably demands a small amount of sodium as well some salt small kosher sodium black pepper. Generally shrimp and grits is is a meal into itself so it’s not dished up with another area, but if you do that one could probably get four portions out of this it simply depends upon how eager you are inside our household. This is probably for just two individuals but simply realize that your carb add up is going to be adjusted after that fine so our cauliflower has become from the microwave whoo and all that steam and it’s probably going to be just right at ideal.

And the way I notice is actually by my trusty potato masher that’s just the way oh yeah so from here what I forgot to put out earlier was a tablespoon of butter for your grit that grit flavour here you know we don’t have the corn I’ma be honest along with you. Here’s the reality regarding these grits now and I’ma be right on top of you the lord .I adore grits I seriously do you don’t wish to mash this too much while I’m chatting. I really like grits and the one important thing I love on them is the corn flavor. I am talking about it’s constructed from hominy or corn and that’s one important thing that people who love grits enjoy and that’s the things i really like .I also really like the texture and the smooth yummy velvety consistency of grits so the best thing about this is that you could get pretty near to that consistency with this with all the cauliflower you will get pretty shut but you’re never going to match.

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I dislike to say it to all of us grit fans out there in the south we’re never truly planning to identical the corn grit preference proper but the advantage of which is also for those who inexplicably. I actually do not understand do not like grits those of you many of you happen to be this is a great in-between simply because you find some good that consistency but you don’t have the grit taste that could be what’s switching you off which means you know it’s sort of the finest of both worlds. Also the most severe of both worlds we have now anything pretty close however, not entirely so all right to this we’re planning to include he’s going to steal my place here we’ve reached include some three tablespoons of hefty cream to our grits. This is going to help us function this and usually there’s a dairy products additional a lot of instances and lots of times it’s smoked gouda you know it smoked guta so this is smoked gouda about four oz of shredded smoked gouda. All right so let’s just work with this to get a moment to get it for the consistency we love I’m planning to also then add sodium not much and a few black pepper because truth it fine if you’re through the south and you do take pleasure in grits system. If you’re just like me you adore them with plenty of black color pepper that’s area of the reality that’s just element of it you already know so we’re moving to try and get near that See whatever we can perform here for you so just give this a whirl it’s our spoon and try to perform some back place mashing. Here you know we don’t want mashed potatoes right so this is the same menu we all use for mashed potatoes and rice but it’s regarding how you work with it texturally. So a number of this has to be mushed but there still needs to be some a nibble in it feel oatmeal if you’ve never experienced grits feel some structure of maybe oatmeal. So that’s annoying proper alright so that’s it let’s dish view this nice small bowl of grits that may be a tad thick. If I were to I might put just a little lotion in that to slender that out if I noticed to like which was just too much oh yeah now I need another spoon now let’s are available in here and you just want some of this scampi type buttery goodness. Enable you to get about six crimp on there oh oh my god y’all have should you could odor it in here what is wrong ridiculous and you know what I forgot at the store. With a citrus this requires a citrus squash at the top like nobody’s business so I might oh it can make me so mad i forgot a citrus enjoys just lady but you just have to picture it with citrus it must possess a gorgeous squeeze a citrus on it so oh my the lord. That appears amazing so reduced-carb shrimp and grits let me explain to you what the amounts run using this I jogged the figures about this earlier it’s about 28 grams of excess fat about 8 internet carbs .

There’s eleven and a half complete and there’s three along with a half carbs in fibers. So eight web carbs and about 32 as well as a fifty percent grams of healthy proteins so it’s really quite doable in a lower-carb diet plan so let’s see exactly what it likes that way is beautiful. I am talking about I’ll be truthful with you I am in love right now let’s see oh yes ma’am mmm-hmm yeah the bacon in the pancetta and the butter. The onions the shallot the garlic all of that actually is just fantastically flavored and also the cauliflower is such a very worthy alternative to grits .It truly sort of is in cases like this especially with smoked gouda cheeses proper shrimp is cooked perfectly it’s just beautiful. I actually have some close friends down here who think exactly the same way give them a shrimp tail all right men in order to me it is a scrumptious worthwhile alternative to low carb shrimp and grits .It has each of the taste as well as the texture of shrimp and grits so in terms of .I’m concerned this is a victor this took all of twenty or so minutes complete start to finish but it’s anything you can do to get a weeknight food at home that’s fast and easy.

. Keto Bombs

. Keto Bombs

Keto bombs. And sometimes even fat fudge. I know fat bombs would typically
sound like a not so healthy choice but if you’re on a keto diet and trying to incorporate more dietary fat and keep the ratio of fat
to protein and carbs high, then fat bombs can help. Whether you’re on the keto diet or not, we can all benefit from
healthy dietary sources of fat. And it’s gonna help keep
you full longer so fat bombs can be a great snack to
prep and keep in your fridge or freezer for when you get

Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay

hungry and just need a snack to hold you over. If you wanna learn more
about the keto diet, check out my keto 101 video and my how to get into ketosis fast video linked in the description. Today, I’m sharing eight fat bombs total. First up, Berry Fudge fat bombs. (upbeat music) I start by blending together
strawberries and blueberries but you can use any berries you like with any kind of nut butter. I went with almond butter,
melted coconut oil, and sweetener of choice. Keep in mind, you’ll want a
low-carb sweetener for keto so something like stevia or
monk fruit are popular options. You can use whatever you
want but just know the carbs will affect how much of
a fat bomb it really is. I used a liquid sweetener in
all of the sweet ones today since it integrates easily. It’s a high fiber syrup so
the net carbs are very low. Not sponsored but I will
link it the description. I also have a sweeteners
video if you want help knowing which sweeteners might be right for you. That gets blended and then
distributed into silicone molds. (upbeat music) Freeze. After a few hours they’re
ready to pop out and enjoy. I keep them in the freezer
and just take one out whenever I need, letting it thaw for
a few minutes beforehand. They’re rich like fudge
but melt in your mouth. So light, fruity, and almost
like a PB&J in fudge form. Okay, let’s alternate between
sweet and savory fat bombs today because both are totally
possible and worth making. Sometimes we crave sweet
but sometimes salty. So why not? These are super easy. Everything bagel fat bombs. It’s just a ball of whipped cream cheese rolled in Everything
but the Bagel Seasoning. You can use the one from
Trader Joe’s of course but you can also make your
own using a mix of sesame and black sesame seeds, salt, minced garlic and onion, and poppy seeds. You may want to make your own anyways because the Trader
Joe’s one is quite salty and if you do it yourself
then you’re in control of the salt content. Boom, savory little
bagel bites ready to go. Salty, creamy, and a nice
sharp bite of cheese. These are of course best
stored in the fridge and I recommend keeping them covered. FYI, you can also whip up dairy-free cream cheese variations for this. I have found that the almond
milk based cream cheeses whip up better than the coconut based ones but you can do what works for you. The next bomb is– (laughing) – You diffused my first
bomb but you should know I always bring back up. – Back up, huh? Speaking of backs. You better watch yours. – No. – No, no, no. Fat bombs, not real dynamite. (sighs) The next one is a classic sweet combo, white chocolate raspberry. (upbeat music) Melt coconut oil and
cacao butter in a saucepan or in the microwave until integrated. Mix in your sweetener and
then pour into silicone molds and freeze for an hour or so to set. (upbeat music) Then, blend the raspberries
into a puree and pour that on in a second layer on top of
the first frozen white layer. With cacao butter, it’s common
for the sweetener to separate so you can omit and just
let these be naturally sweet and tangy from the
raspberries but it’s up to you. Freeze again and you’ll
end up with these adorable two layer bombs of goodness. Rich from the cacao but light
and tart from the raspberries. And raspberries are a
great lower carb berry too. Next, pizza fat bombs anyone? Wait, is this the right channel? FYI, I have another channel
that I host with my boyfriend, Christian that is all about pizza. Heads up, it is not healthy. And if you’re enjoying these recipes, don’t forget to subscribe to
this channel and hit the bell to be notified of new
recipes and videos each week. For pizza fat bombs I
combine whipped cream cheese, diced pepperoni, Parmesan, diced olives, sun dried tomatoes, and basil. (upbeat music) I make those into little balls. (upbeat music) I mix together hemp hearts and Parmesan and roll the pizza cream
cheese balls into that coating. Oh man, talk about a
bite of savory goodness. It legit tastes like a pizza. The olives, pepperoni, and cream
cheese all give it a lovely salty bite balanced by the acidity of the tomatoes and
freshness of the basil. The hemp seed coating also adds
a nice contrast and texture. So fun. The last bomb of the day is– Okay, for the last one, we had to have some chocolate
before the video was over. Chocolate peppermint fat bombs. I melt and mix together

keto diet
Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay

coconut oil and dark chocolate. Make sure it’s 100% dark for
no sugar or carbs if needed. That gets frozen as my first layer. Then for the second layer,
I melt coconut butter, coconut oil, and sweetener together and stir in some peppermint extract. It goes on top of the chocolate and boom. So adorable. If you wanted to get creative
you can also do three layers. There’s no right or wrong here. And you can really use any
molds for all of these too. Peppermint and chocolate
is a classic combination. I think we saved the best for last. These are super chocolatey and
remember, it’s not as sweet because it’s so dark. So if you don’t like a
super dark chocolate, then definitely add sweetener. It’s like a chocolate peppermint
patty kicked up a notch. It’s rich, decadent, and totally satisfying
for that dessert craving. And those are your fat
bombs recipes for today. If you want three more including my chocolate almond sea salt and coconut lime sweet
fat bombs as well as my, say what, crab salad fat bombs.