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A Simple Plan For Weight Loss

A Simple Plan For Weight Loss

A Simple Plan For Weight Loss

The math is pretty simple. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories. Want to lose a pound a week? Then you need to consume 3500 calories less per week than you use. That’s about 500 calories a day. By cutting out 500 calories a day from your normal daily diet, while keeping your activity level the same, you can lose approximately one pound a week.

All right – that doesn’t sound like much, especially if you’re more than 25 pounds overweight. Study after study has shown, though, that those people who lose weight gradually – at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week -are far more likely to keep the weight off and maintain a normal weight for a lifetime.

So how much exactly IS 500 calories? If you’re going to reduce your daily intake by 500 calories, it helps to know what you need to cut out, right? Here’s how easy it is to lose 500 calories a day:Weight Loss

* Use milk instead of cream in your coffee. Savings? 50 calories per cup.

* Skip the butter on your baked potato. Savings? 100 calories

* Drink fruit-flavored water instead of a 16 ounce soda. Savings? 200 calories

* Skip the Big Mac and have a salad instead. A Big Mac weighs in at a whopping 460 calories. A fresh salad with a light dressing? Less than 100! Savings? 360 calories

* Pass by the bag of potato chips. An average snack size bag of chips has over 300 calories. Savings? 300 calories

* Eat your corn on the ear. A 1 cup serving of canned corn has 165 calories. An ear of corn has 85. Savings? 80 calories.

* Switch to low-fat cream cheese on your bagel. Savings? 90 calories per ounce.

* Love those fries and can’t give them up? Swap the skinny fries out for thick steak-cut ones. Thin French fries absorb more oil than the thicker, meatier ones. Savings? 50 calories per 4 ounce serving

If you’d rather look at losing weight from an exercise perspective, you can also lose one pound a week by upping your activity level by 500 calories a day. How easy is that to do? Take a look:

* Take a half-hour walk around the park. Aim for a pace that’s a little faster than a stroll, but not fast enough to be breathless. Burn: 160 calories.

* Get out your bike and take a ride. Tackle a few moderate hills and aim for about five miles total. Burn: 250 calories

* Go dancing – and really DANCE. The longer you’re out on the floor instead of at the table drinking up high-calorie drinks, the more you’ll get out of it. Dancing that makes you breathless and warms up your body will net you a nice calorie savings. Burn: 400 calories for one hour

* Swimming is great for you, and a lot of fun, too. The water resistance means you burn more calories, and you avoid the stress impact on joints from aerobics, dancing or walking. Do a few laps at a slow crawl – if you can get up to an hour you’ll be doing great! Burn: 510 calories

* Get out into your garden. An hour of gardening tasks that includes bending and stretching can burn up to as many calories as a brisk walk. Burn: 250 calories.

* Play a game of tennis. Hook up with a friend for a weekly tennis game and you’ll be amazed at the difference. One hour of vigorous tennis is one of the best calorie burners around. Burn: 800 caloriesketo

It’s important to keep in mind that all exercise/calorie numbers are based on a woman weighing 130 pounds. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more. Want an added bonus to burning calories through exercise? When you exercise, you build muscle by converting it from fat. Three guesses which kind of body tissue burns more calories – even when you’re not exercising. You got it – your body uses more energy to maintain and feed muscle than it does fat.

For best results, mix and match food savings with exercises that burn calories. Do keep in mind that eating less than 1000 calories a day for more than a few days will convince your body that it’s starving and slow your metabolism. Keep calorie ranges reasonable, and consult a doctor if you want a quicker, more drastic weight loss.

Paleo Diet Recipes: Eating Healthy Has Never Been So Delicious

Paleo Diet Recipes: Eating Healthy Has Never Been So Delicious

Paleo Diet
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Paleo Diet Recipes: Eating Healthy Has Never Been So Delicious.Some time ago, finding Paleolithic recipes could be a difficult task. However nowadays there are a wide variety of healthy, tasty and easy Paleo diet recipes available out there.
In the past primitive people used the food that nature gave them keeping themselves disease free and strong. Now it is our turn to do it by taking advantage of natural and healthy ingredients we have in the market that we usually do not use.
Although now we can use some gadgets that did not exist in the past, we are able to prepare Paleo meals without losing the nutrients the ingredients have. Through methods like steaming, we are able to keep all the natural nutrients almost intact, however nothing is better than eating food as it grows from earth.
The huge list of healthy ingredients that can be used in the Paleo diet increases the number of possible food combinations, allowing us to taste exceptional Paleo diet recipes.
A Paleo cookbook is the most efficient and easy source of Paleo recipes. They have a compilation of the best recipes available made with the finest and healthiest ingredients. Cookbooks usually have an index where recipes are divided by type of meal (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts, etc.) or by ingredients making it very easy to find a certain recipe you are searching for.
The World Wide Web is a very large cookbook where, in several different places, we can find delicious Paleo recipes ready to be used. At the distance of a click, we can find recipes from all over the world. Some of them have extra ingredients that a certain person added to get a personalized taste, making them unique recipes. These recipes provide an extensive gallery source of recipes that will meet all tastes.

Paleo Diet Recipe
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The Paleo diet ingredient list is huge. Ingredients like coconut palm sugar, coconut milk, honey, lychee or cilantro give a special taste to the meals turning them into exquisite flavored and attractive dishes.
Salsa is an indispensable recipe for all Paleo diet followers. Salsa can be done with a wide variety of ingredients like jalapeno, cilantro, mint, or Thai green chili and can be used as a dip or as sauce in several dishes.
Shrimp is seafood used in several Paleo diet recipes. Fully Paleo, shrimp is low in calories and fat. It is also a source of omega-3, niacin, vitamin B12 and rich in minerals. Shrimp Shish Kabob is a grilled meal that also includes small chunks zucchinis (low in calories and rich in mineral) and several herbs.
Chicken is also a very preferred ingredient to be used in different dishes. From Grilled Chicken with Walnut Pesto Sauce to Paleo Chicken Paprikash with Spicy Basil Broccoli, a wide range of Paleo Chicken recipes can be found in cookbooks or online.
Some very healthy and fully Paleo ingredients are repeated in almost all main dishes and salads. Garlic, onions and peppers are among them. They help to prevent diseases and conditions like diabetes, high-cholesterol, and acne.
Boost your health and strength eating tasty Paleo diet recipes full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. With so many ingredients available in the Paleo diet, cooking is no longer boring.

30 Day Guide To Paleo

30 Day Guide To Paleo



Considering A Fast Weight Loss Plan? Fast weight reduction can be an aim for we all that are suffering carrying excess fat. We want to lose fat in as quicly in addition to being comfortable an easy method as you can. Plus if we can find an easy method that requires as small amount of effort as possible we’d be over the moon! But reality takes over – a fast, easy weight reduction plan that works well is pretty elusive! The Real Fortunate Ones! Some people are exceedingly fortunate and discover a strategy to suit them perfectly immediately, fits using lifestyle and to finish it off is rather healthy at the same time – but unfortunately plans that way are quite few. And for the the greater part folks the sticking point is really, how the downside that is certainly found with the amount of in the quick fat loss plans that happen to be littering the weight reduction/eating habits arena is its very much too readily available a quick fat loss plan that will do wonders on your figure, offer you back that youthful look you’d once you were a lttle bit younger But unfortunately the unpalatable truth from it, is regardless of how much we manage to lose we always appear to put much than it right back on. And rapidly too! – Which is simply so frustrating. Plus we often get seduced from the ‘get fixed quick’ angle that is certainly touted to us only to regrettably discover after we’ve started it it?s not really the healthiest plan available either. Fast fat loss has its place – it?s an incredible motivator and also helps keep us around the straight and narrow whenever we start to falter. We all need some success and when you’re doing something that you do not really want to do (dieting) and also the results don’t come – it will be the old “why am I bothering” syndrome. So combine some fast weight-loss to maintain up morale but get a plan you’ll be able to stay with with time and which is healthy on top of that. Don’t go off – simply do your research Of course its fair to express there are lots of extremely good diet programs available and definitely many that do the wonders they statements to offering you possess the willpower to completely keep with them. But You just need to contain the time and strength of character to go to check out what’s available, perform the research properly and make sure your own house found may be the eating habits that may work for you, If its best for your needs you’ll be able to then be assured that it is possible to set on top of the irritation of sticking to a diet plan and view the weight will burn away. By and large If you need to remove over about ten pounds, you are prone to be better off and achieve your desired goal with a plan which is more lasting, which could enable you to lose lbs more gradually, in a healthy fashion which may also educate your body and senses to the long term important things about training your body in healthier diet plan, smaller portions, less snacking etc which gets to be a lifestyle option & should be sure that once you have lost the body weight you will keep it well – that’s obviously the actual required result