Keto Food List Part 1

Keto Food List

I’M gonna smuggle some keto snacks to the movies tonight. Come right, Hi guys Welcome to AD Quito. My name is Aaron. This is the channel we’re talking about About the ketogenic diet. I do some keto menu that uses and talk a little bit about keto Science. We’re doing some ketone recipes If this is your first time now, satisfy Consider subscribing and if you do be sure to sounds the bell icon, so “you’ve never” can Missing something Guys, I’m just under the weather, but that’s okay, I’m planning to Going to the movies tonight. I am taking my child to see this movie called The cataclysm craftsman and it’s making one of my bad movies. I watched it so far. I just watched it another night. It She called a room. It was obligated in 2003. This is the most unusual piece of I filmmaking. I’ve determine it in my life, And this movie is everything that builds it so Movie. ...


It idols James Franco Anyway, my son, whom I am carrying him 15. He is not keto. I’M probably gonna come him a little thing from popcorn tonight, But I am myself Gon na take advantage of how terribly cold it is. I’M gonna be wearing moderately Big coat to the movies I plan to smuggle some ketogenic lover movies, Theater type snacks. I haven’t had a large group to eat today. I am hungry and Baksh and got some snacks. So here is what we are going to try to slip tonight. These Dukes have got Chorizo and smoked lime sausage. There are approximately 12. This is inside this luggage. Every one mentions about half of these carbs and it has, And those were before, they’re really good. They are really good, they have a few Different flavors. This is chorizo and lime. Flavor


So I’m gonna return this in, But I’m too going to stick to this bag. Three cheese fastens and a Quest Bar Smores has been doing this for me recently, So this one is going in one pocket: Dukes’ Bag with Three Cheese Sticks and Quest Bar inside In the other pocket. I’M gonna slip this pouch of pork layers. I might go with a ziplock crate and kept a lower crowd. These pork crusts are in it, but I’ll try to settled this on my other big coat Jeep, somehow and I’ll try to too sneak this Zevia Cream soda imbibes.


So plan for tonight The movie is a late movie. It’s uh … starts at 22:20. It’s this weekend Week, though both me and my teenagers, So we’re kind of saying “ Who helps ?”? It was It’s gonna going to see late movie. By the channel we saw this guy over here star Wars, Grandpa past. I know there are a lot of haters out there about the trend. Ryan Johnson has made it all, but they are wrong. They are wrong everyone. It was good. Ok, So I’m out to the movies. I hope you know that your mother is very upset with me for making you too late At night. Ah, ok, It’s packed up there. This is definitely the newest. I have ever gone to see a movie right With palmistry ma. What a PAW “ You’re tearing me apart APART Lisa, Why do we adoration it !”, Very abominable Other than that, like The focal point of the movie? No, There is no focal point in the movie



Hi Hi, You chaps, are upstairs at figure seventeen Enjoy. Thank you Heyyyyy. So I’m back from the movie Excellent James Franco thoroughly captivated this quaint. Tommy Wisseau, William, and it were me, Lots of amusing tonight A day of little bonding leader and son with Weird weird movie, But yeah. We had a good time. I get him some popcorn and a liquor, And I myself continue my keto snacks. Everything was low in carbs and it was everything is OK. I crept it right in Waltz dancer right through Nobody noticed my expand Pockets, You’re good to go. “Its what” I used to get into the movies Recently. Whenever we go ...


Whether it’s just me or with the Fam, I bring me some Cheese deposits, I delivering all the stuff I sucked tonight. Let me know what Men bring to the movies. What are slipping, How long have I been smuggling at My wife got a very big wallet and ever gets nervous when I start Stuffing stuff in It’s kind of a limitation for me to think of three or four entries, But tell I know what you guys are Sneaking into theaters – and let me know if you’ve seen This movie odd area, then this film that I ascertained tonight and calamity the creator Also you can check me out on Letterboxd. If you require, I am there. I have a list of movies that I want to watch and that I have watched


It’s a Quite cool like a kind of diary movie journal, You know, movies, follow You’ve, determined the movies you’d like to see, and that kind of thing I’ll link to that below And therefore That’s gonna finish.