Keto Krate Review

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Hello, my chou chou family, i’m your fun-loving vlogger tom chou chou. How many times this doesn’t get any better? Oh welcome! Back to my path and today we’re reviewing a keto pack, we’re doing an unboxing video with my sister sandeee cheeks hii’m keen to eat. I feel like we should do it again all right.


Let’s do one more. What are we doing i’m going to start the whole thing? Why? Because i just want to okay, i have to hear that twice yep, this is so unfair, perfect hello. My youtube family okay so, we’re going with the first one moving on so today we’re unboxing.


This keto crate um, i don’t know what’s in there, but i do have an affiliation link link, i’ll link in the description and also if. You use my rebate, you yeah. If you use my discount code, it will be 10 off on the first crate jesus. How much are these? Oh guess how much this is.


It sounds like thirty dollars. Yes, it’s actually forty dollars jesus, so you you know so it’ll, be unclean where reference is open it and try everything you’ll. Tell me whether it’s worth 40 yeah, but you know you can cancel anytime. So when you are get the firstly one you can just cancel. Don’t tell me i say that, don’t tell people, you said that, yes, before “were starting to” please like and subscribe and hit that notification bell, so you don’t miss any of my nonsense.


That’s open what various kinds of snacks are in here uh. I don’t know. I don’t know anything. This is my first box. Okay.


Let’s open it ready watch nothing two three wow: this is pretty all new now. Wow! That’s a good deal of snacks, though i see something that, looks like oreo well. Most of the stuff i think in here are less than five grams of carbs net carbs, or something like that. That means that symbolizes it’s keto friendly.


I don’t need to know what that conveys. Okay, yeah should we lay it out, because the box is just right, it’s just kind of in the way. Okay, somewhat let’s just throw it on everything out here. Eventually okay now we’re back after my sister laid it all out that’s star from right to the left right to the left. This is an honest review.


So if it’s bad, we’ll, let you know yeah and my sister has never done keto snacks before so, you know you’ll love it number 1. We have zone perfect, is this a granola bar. Oh, it’s peanut butter tart, spice oh oh, it won’t center yeah, but if you. Time introduced it in front of you. I can zoom in.


I have been on keto for almost a year. Now and. Most of my snacks are macadamia nuts and, so pork crusts, that’s it so okay i’m. Just gonna take a little piece that’s. A little can you show?


Oh, can they oh yeah see that it seems caramelly but it’s , not peanut butter smellings really healthy yeah, it smells like granola bar. It’s not bad, it only smacks like a protein bar after the gym. It is a protein bar. I feel well, then it smacks like zero gram. Of sugar.


Really it’s not sweet , not really but. I don’t mind it. I don’t mind it it tastes, really health and potent strong. Are you gonna obstruct gobbling it or you’re just gonna leave it there? I’M just gonna leave it there because, i’m gonna try other snacks!


I don’t wanna blew up my i, don’t like my carb counts okay um. Let’s do this one pizzuzz! How do we even enunciate these? You know sometimes i, don’t get these calls yeah peanuts, so you saw vinegar, i love vinegar. No, i’m glad i’m really good sea, 10 grams of protein, okay, 1.


5 servings you really don’ t care. I smell good odor like oh it smells like vinegar, sea salt and vinegar. Yeah you want to really grasp it. No i’m not a big devotee of peanuts. So that’s right, cheers oh, my idol, the vinegar tastes really strong.


Oh, it kind of reminds me of acv when you first bite it off this. I didn’t even savor anything but the aftertaste. It’s like immediate! It’s bizarre i just have chocolate more so mm-hmm, that’s so weird we’ve finished your last one you’re, so kind yeah it’s, exceedingly um vinegary. I don’t like vinegar, but salt vinegar, like microchips are really good yeah, garlic, momma and john, oh, my divinity, we’re supposed to be rating.


These would you give that um. The granola barrooms it’s not it felt like something that i would chew like when i go to a gym or something so i give um putting on the stars: wow. Okay, it’s a good snack itis, it’s crowd yeah! What about these babes right here? I’M not a big fan of peanuts!


So uh three out of five, what the heck that’s still average really three out of five is still really good. I dedicate it a one, but i don’t like the vinegar, but i can still eat it it’s not something that i would just gave me the last one not like. I want to eat it charitable, i would say how i rate it is how often. I can deplete this or how often oh okay like, ideally yeah, okay yeah, so the next one is garlic parmesan walnuts stop get nuts. I adore garlic.


I am so nutting about you. Oh my god garlic. Parmesan, it’s a really good flavor. I enjoy it. It sounds very good, but on walnuts, it’s like it smells like a steak, extremely garlicky, yeah what.


The heck is this: it’s walnuts you’re! So insignificant. I don’t like walnuts that is something that, but i like the garlic, parmesan flavor. I don’t want one nuts, but i don’t taste any parmesan. Oh yeah rating um.


I would definitely eat it more often than, the peanuts. So i give you four out of five yeah, four or five sounds good, which gunpowder electrolyte pulverize. Oh i’m thirsty. So i wanted to try this one. Electrolyte pure is simple: zero grams of sugar.


These are flavored pulverizations, there is, enormous cherry-red pomegranate, blue-blooded, raspberry, regular raspberry orange and lemonade whoa. They have actually every single one of them and then you can just try it as a snack compres, excellent dang it if its aid lemon i’d be like. Oh okay, whatever, but they called it lemonade, that’s good! That clears me want it, but i think cherry pomegranate would be good whatever leave in the comments we’ll try every single one of it. Next time they call for what 16 grams of water 16 fluid ounce oh, but we’re just gonna share.


One so thisis about eight, we eyeballed it. We have no idea we have , no sentiment, but it inspects good. We probably will get remarks. It’s like that’s , not yours, okay wait. How are you gonna make sure that’s half uh, you feel it.


Okay sounds good to me. You’re about feeling, oh whoa, i did not expect it to be white you know it seeks quite cloudy yo there’s still globs. What are you doing we didn’t read the think there are instructions for this. It kind of reminds me of emergency yeah yeah. It looks like we’re doing a science.


Experiment this is why it is oh smell like. Lemon applauds, ovations, oh , not bad. This is really good. I want to give it like a 4.9 out of 5.


Just because my standards are hell a high and i don’t want to settle we’re not settling. What are those it looks like cookies, salted caramel cookies, with natural spices by noon. It’s generally they’re, like time one cookiei just demand a little piece: first oh, okay, yeah. I don’t know why i thought it was like actually crispy yeah me too so. What i thought i was like what is it it’s quite spongy, yeah and crummy?


Oh my god, it reeks amazing. Oh it smells like salted caramel. I feel like it’s not gonna preference as good. What did your part happen? Is you good did you baked it like exhaustively because i feel like it’s not finished?


No, it’s good. It reminds me of those snacks in the taiwan 7-eleven like a little bread, thingy cupcake spread things. It felt like twinkie. Oh yeah. It savor like a twinkie yeah, oh yeah, yeah dang it if it had the cream feeling even better , not bad.


It’s not bad , not my type of cookie yeah. This feels like a flap jack uh-huh, but i had nothing if i had nothing to eat in the car i’m stuck in traffic. This is the this. Is the move i like it. I got a three three out of five yeah three out of five sounds good yeah, so the next thing we have is fat snacks.


Oh, i always wanted to do a review on this because a lot of people are talking about fat, oh, it’s called fatty snacks almond, flour crackers looks like wheat they have cookies too, like uh cookies, like like the flapjack, we are only had yeah, it smells really good though. It smells like crackers, chili, cheese, fries cheddar yeah. Oh, i love cheese and imagine like when you’re on keto , not like a cheese you, wouldn’t have like crackers or chips so. It’s rare to have something like this yeah i would eat it. It was almost like a whipping yeah a wheat then, but less crunchy, four out of five yeah four out of five okay peanut butter goblets, white chocolate wow, you guys can have white chocolate i, have never seen white chocolate, actually keto white chocolate cause.


I’M saying i know you guys could have like what i feel like this has make keto much easier. Is it little packages but how little? Oh my deity. Oh that’s not too bad, oh that’s not, too bad. It’s not too bad.


It’s at least like two of my recalls yeah like two one-quarters: white chocolate peanut butter goblets , no carbohydrate contributed i love that yeah it’s cute, though ohit’s cute. So this is a good size. Chalk! Zero! Is that what it’s called yeah?


It smells like: reese’s pieces but like a healthful version? Okay, i like that, it’s not that sugared, but i like it it’s not that sugared, but it’s sweet, yeah like, reese’s, bit of peanut butter, peanut butter bowls are really good, which is so sweet, because i think the grey chocolate is not as sweet yeah as the regular white-hot chocolate four spot two Out of five i’ll buy you, i will give five out of five: oh begin. I really like reese’s peanut butter. So if i have, some substitution like that this, is my to go, but if it’s a dark chocolate one i would love it even better yeah. How countless are in there?


Not a lot there’s like, four or five, so you don’t already eat it. Beef jerky i’ll call. It claps lipsticks nyx your thing your lodge is various kinds of thin bye. It comes in two anyways. These are 100 grass-fed beef i’m, just gonna yeah, i’m just gonna i’m just gonna okay.


Should we just go ahead, i’m getting a knife oh okay? Oh, that was a good half. So 60 calories dog bird-dog plows be honest. Doesn’t it oh well it’s organic? So it smells so good.


Someone salami okay mmm, hmm, it’s definitely more chewy than uh slim jim. If you ever had it yeah. I cherish some gym. No, it’s less chewy. Some gym is super chewy okay.


I haven’t had some gym for a while we’re a family of meat fans, so i didn’t like meat okay yeah i’m decide. This is my five out of five and. It happens to be a nick stick. Why is it for you four out of five? Why?


Because i wouldn’t eat it every day. Why? Not? I don’t like slim, jim or like oh, you don’t. I like beef jerky.


I feel like slim jim. Has this weird distinct taste? Oh my god more nuts, but now it’s a peanut butter. Yeah spread i think so how the heck are we gonna need that can, we just squeeze it on our finger that’s, another dog who used to get our dog’s peanut butter like that. There’s seven nuts , not seven echoes: seven: nuts, okay, okay, oh my god more nutty.


For me, “i m giving” it a zero igive it. The one this is the it looks like a cereal but. I guess these are chocolate. Oh okay, well, the flavor is wall, nut, fudge, brownie, fast, forward let’s, open this fish, microwave cold, water what is this! Oh, it’s a brownie fudge mix.


What am i supposed to do with that, so you, i lend the water in it and then it becomes a brownie it, does not become a brownie, we’re going to be right back and person this out, i’m not being a brownie doing the keto walnut fudge. Brownie mix we just did two tablespoons of cold water inside it looks, like dish gnarly and then now we’re trying to, add avocado petroleum. I think it’s one tablespoon okay and then stir well in our kitchen. We use chopsticks so, apparently there’s walnut hunks, inside and, that’s what you’re looking at yep wait. So this makes a brownie yeah that’s that’s tom’s prognos i is: it creates a brownie okay that seems so unwell, whisked too bad itis, what it is when you’re in the kitchen world you, don’t care unveiled for one minute and cool for two minutes.


Jesus makes so long. Okay , now that we’re back here is the gooey brownie desegregate. I don’t know wait, it says, wait, two minutes! Hmm, it does smell good though i’m going to precisely oh, my idol. It really is a brownie.


It looks like dirt smelled, really good though oh, it’s hot. It smacks really health, it’s not, a bad thing, because each morsel i just know that there’s something healthful in there because. When you burn, you feel something when, you bite it. I can’t explain it you feel, something; no, it doesn’t make sense honestly. It might be that i think if you put butter you better frankly, “i know i m” a cake connoisseur and i love cake.


I hold that to a very high standard, so this doesn’t cut it no. No, it’s a one one out of five. I have not, given a two so i’ll, give this a two i’m done, go by ratio. Last but not least, this is dark european chocolate, my chocolate perfection. How excellent are you sugar, free?


Oh not very, excellent, it’s uh, darkness chocolate, right yeah nighttime europe, yeah they’re square, so we have high hopes we. Are all i love dark chocolate, yeah it looks like the ish? Very regular, oh encourages? Oh my gosh. I wouldn’t have suspected this mosquit oat.


All it time has a dark chocolate, because dark chocolate is normally not sweet, they’re, a little bit, better regardless. I like chocolate, biter or do you like leave it in your cheek to defrost. I would do that in the beginning – and i got so tired, of it and i’ll stop biting it. I, like it 4.5 out of, 5 Yeah, i would eat this every day, i’ll give it a five whiz, so your five out of five was a dark chocolate mine’s like next sticks okay.


Well, so we’ve done it. This is my first box and, i’m very excited. If i received the second onewe’re excited for the boxes to come, yep and on that note thank you sandy for being here and tried all these keto snacks with me, do you think it’s worth 40 It’s worth noting ifyou use this system, yeah, there’s ten dollars, off code ten dollars for thirty dollars. Do it. Now those are really good.


Yeah, okay, anyway please like and subscribe, and thumped that notification buzzer, so you don’t miss any of our modernizes. Yes, sir i’ll see you next time, bye wow enjoy your brownie cake thing whatever i don’t know how i feel about that really i, don’t like it. I seriously can just make it wait ten experiences better than this


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