Keto Low Carb Salad And Benefits

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Keto Low Carb

I like to show you a quick quick and healthy salad first of all you need is some cherry tomatoes bit of chopped up coriander carrot cake over iceberg lettuce and some sweet corn now here we chop the cherry tomato into two pieces here at Michigan see deliciously go the red color there find is chopped iceberg and we’re here we have smooth lady with a shadow there yeah chopped coriander carrots and I firm put 1 green chili in there if you don’t like the green chili you can always take it out don’t put a green chili we are sweet corn here and the coriander obviously making this salad you can add if you want to add he can always put some crushed garlic crushed garlic will give you an excellent flavor and you can also add some some salad oil even salad dressing so all we need to do now is to put them in a bowl and just do a little mixing and we’ll have our salad ready there we are our final product it looks delicious and hopefully you should take this to delicious so when you mix in it you can mix it with a spoon or a fork but it’s best to put in a bowl and all you do is lightly toss it the vaquita postulate and that why you don’t smash everything it looks look at that such a colorful and is absolutely delicious....

Low carb diets

“ Low carb diets and coronary blood flow” People who are on a low carb diet may not notice an increase in their cholesterol levels. How is that possible? Because weight loss for whatever reason can lower our cholesterol levels? You can start a diet of Twinkie rolls and lower your cholesterol if you are not able to eat enough, rolls necessary to maintain weight. That’S why a good cocaine habit can lower cholesterol.

Chemotherapy can lower cholesterol significantly. Tuberculosis can work wonders for a person’s waist. Anything that lowers weight can lower cholesterol, But the goal is not to get into a smaller coffin. The reason we care about cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol is because we care about cardiovascular risk. The health of our arteries, We now have studies that measure the effect of low-carb diets on the arteries directly and an overview of all. The best research done to date finds that low-carb diets impair arterial function, as evidenced by the smaller dilation of the arteries caused by blood flow, which means that low-carb diets effectively damage people’s arteries


.And after the meta-analysis was published, another study finds the same thing. Dietary model characterized by high protein and fat content, but low in carbohydrates is associated with poorer function of the peripheral, small artery again measuring blood flow to human limbs. Peripheral circulation is great. What about the blood circulation in the coronary arteries that feed our heart? There is only one study ever done, which measures the actual blood flow to the heart muscle to people who are on a low carb diet. And here it is Dr., Richard Fleming, a graduate cardiologist enrolled 26 people in a comprehensive study about the effects of diet on heart function, use of the latest nuclear imaging technologies, the so-called single photon emission computed tomography, which allows it to directly measure blood flow in the Coronary arteries

He then puts all people on a healthy vegetarian diet and a year later repeated the tomography. At that time, however, 10 of the patients had jumped on the ship again of a low-carb diet. First, I bet he was upset, but he certainly soon realizes that he has an incredible research opportunity right in front of him. He made detailed images of the 10 people who followed a low-carb diet and 16 who followed a healthy high-carbohydrate diet. What will their heart look? Like at the end of the year,

We can talk about anything. We want about the risk factors, but compared to the vegetarian group, whether coronary heart disease in patients following diets similar to that of Atkins, has it improved, deteriorated or remained the same. Those who followed a vegetarian diet had a reversal of cardiovascular disease as expected, Their partially clogged arteries literally cleared. They had 20 % less atherosclerotic plaque in their arteries at the end of the year than at the beginning. What happens to those who have abandoned the curative diet and switched to a low carb diet?

Their condition has significantly deteriorated, 40 to 50 % more clogged arteries at the end of the year. ...

Thanks to the kindness of Dr. Fleming, in fact, we can see the changes in blood flow ourselves Here are some sample heart, scans, Yellow and especially red represent the bloodstream through the coronary arteries to the heart muscle,

This patient started a plant-based diet and his arteries opened immediately thus increasing blood flow. However, this man started with good blood flow, but after a year on, a low-carb diet suffered significant blockages in his arterial blood flow. This is the best science ever, which demonstrates the threat of low-carbohydrate diets, not only measures risk factors, but also the actual blood flow in the heart of people on different diets. Of course, the reason we care about the heart’s blood flow is that we don’t want to die. A meta-analysis was recently published, which finally measured the end point. Death and low-carb diets appear to be associated with a significantly higher risk from death for any reason, which means that people on a low-carb diet live significantly shorter lives.


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