Keto Southern Fried Cabbage with Bacon and Sausage




What’s up, everybody hey welcome back to my canal Smokin and Grillin, and today we make a southern fried clam with bacon and sausage. With me, “ AB ”, you guys already know this is the channel that’s simplifying these recipes and taking the mystery out of cooking. So with that tell me anything, we fixing to break right into this video now here going over. The parts get smoked sausage right there, that’s just 1 pound. As “you’re seeing”, they’ve been sliced about quarter-inch thick....


That’s gonna be spate enough for about two to the three pound head of our cabbage. Then I got extra thick-witted. You know bacon! That’s that inhaled. Applewood bacon right there, then we got minced garlic.


That was three cleaves. I like fresh garlic. That’s the only way to go. If “you’re asking me”, you got it use that and then we got garlic gunpowder now. Listen, don’t use garlic, salt, really garlic pulverization right there.


You just seen ground pepper and then now you know what it took. Time like a large approximately chopped bell seasoning. You know once you start cooking everything it starts to cook down. So that’s why I vanished with the approximately chopped and likewise with the onion. You can see that was just a large on it and now right there, that’s the superstar and a whole food right here that cabbage, you are well aware really one pas, that’s fine!


I didn’t show you guys how I chopped it up cuz. You could chop it up as big as a motorcycle that you would like super easy. You know exactly cut it, don’t overthink it bathe it leant it in the colander. Let it baked fixed it to the side and that right there is the pot that music, that’s of Calphalon, 7 qt. So first thing I’m gonna do is I is the beginning by exerting you know I get my uh, my bacon, as you can see, trimmed those like in half-inch.


You know thick deprives simply to get wise started, is moving forward, introduced it on medium high, just like procreating bacon what we want to do. Is we just want to render that fat, do that you can see it’s starting to build out right now and now. Okay, I’ll keep it moving. I don’t want it to be like crispy. Time one could now right.


There is a whole lot of goodness. I don’t know if you can hear it in my articulate, but hey what you construe right there, that fatty equals spice. Now that right, there is a whole lot of goodness. Now you guys should be with me right now. You should all moving your mentality set up took over and your senses should be tingling.


Now that flavor that “you’ve left” from that jackpot right there be careful cuz. You can see it got a little kickback now we gonna go ahead and lent our sauces. It’s not that right. There listen we’re gonna concoct that and interpret some of the fat in that smoked sausage. Get that to mix with your bacon grease....


If you guys can’t tell right now, are we making a whole lot of goodness right here now go ahead after you render that down that probably takes about? I don’t know you precisely you can see it on the sausage. Simply started it starting to sweat right now. It’s starting to release some of the grease. That’s in the sausage formerly you be understood that I guess it takes about two or three minutes then go ahead and computed your onions as you really pictured it then precisely keep moving back and forth.


I don’t want to overcook. Let me precisely shake it. You guys don’t want to overcook that you know your onions, you don’t want it to be. Like super soft, you know we want the onions me and after that I guess about maybe about two minutes right when I start to see they, starting to like loosen up, become a little bit translucent I’ll, is moving forward and included my I minced garlic, then I wield That back and forth now you want to monitor the hot. Don’t livid na burn it sometime....


I have a tendency to like overcook my garlic. Then you know formerly you got your karlie leading. I guess that make you are aware of 30 instants in that heat you are well aware, and all of that flavor then we’ll go ahead and really add our light-green spices. Then you precisely move that back and forth. Remember you don’t want it to be too soft, so the ultimate goal is to get it just right and then it’s gonna cook and sweat and steam.


You know, together with the with with your lettuce and that right there that’s what’s gon na, do it as you can see right there, subject, I you know what I’m looking at this and doing a voiceover and I’m smelling it as I’m looking at Hey. I can’t tell you guys enough just to pate try. This recipe is to get you in the ballpark. Now you remember that garlic part of the powder we had just go ahead and sprinkle, maybe about a third of it in there. You know I represent only to get it in there.


We just want to work that in there in that hot you know, flavor, that’s what we all call it and that right there is like the key right here. That’s what transports it over the top. You got me making this like all the time and that’s that squeezing mojito is that Creole knock! This is right. Now is what separates it from all the rest, oh well, you’ll notice that I’m incessantly impeding that wooden spoon, hey are talking about that wooden spoon.


If you guys apply metal potties, you want to get in the habit of not employing metal utensils. All that does is straight to finishing off and then we just ingest, that’s just a little pro chill out of us. You know, I interpret a good deal of beings on some of these videos expending that you know metal utensils on the metal utensil , no bueno, okay, so get yourself a great amount of your cabbage is moving forward and articulated it on you know and embrace the terminated sole. Put. Your top on and then we’re gonna cook it for about four minutes on that medium-high heat and as you notice, when I removing the top right there look, you can see it cooked itself down right here.


Then I just go ahead and computed a little more of my flavour about a third of whatever I had left. If you break it up into thirds and then go ahead and get yourself another few and simply start crowding up the rest of your flowerpot, I’m utilize that 7-quart and I was just – and you know what I mean that was like the perfect width. Actually, I could have probably framed another half in there because it cooks down really really easy. So once you get it all aroused down and look what i found, it is that’s that sweetened smoky Joe is Creole. Kick if you and lucky enough to get your hands on some of this right here.


This is: what’s changed, this dish so is moving forward. Add the rest of your ingredients on top I’ll, give you one last-place conjure I’m trying to concoction some of that bottom cabbage. That once smacked yield down you know, mix it around. Put some of that on top discover right there, “you’re seeing” some of the sausage go ahead and put your top back on. Then we all concoct it down some more.


Then you it’s up to you. Now. You got to figure out what quality that you like, so I can’t really tell you some people like these cabbage soft. That’s me some people like it in between and then some people like it to have a little crunch. I’M gonna tell you, after about another four to five minutes after it cooks down like that, I withdraw existing top, and whatever it is you encounter me doing is uttering sure nothing protruding on the bottom and I keep moving it back and forth.


You know really committing it a good start, getting attaining sure all the flavors on all of the fragments and when you remove that top a great deal of that steam comes out and you can get rid of some of that. You know the water cuz that you know that uh that lettuce is full of water. It’s probably subject about 70 % ocean. So once you start getting that and they start drying out, he has the potential to start putting some of that emblazon on now, as “ seeing”. So I time supplemented the bacon, you know and merely keep it moving , not was just trying to spawn the bacon soggy you I like mine in between you know.


Just I can’t explain it to you guys. You know I necessitate precisely look at it right here that right there exclusively thing was missing that you guys didn’t see. Last-place I had some cornbread in the oven. Leave it in line. That’s all I had.


That was a ended banquet for me, but I can tell you right now: if you want to pair this with something i’ma say some oxtails white rice cabbage this green and some cornbread who got some honey butter and upturn there “there’s going”. Let me go ahead and generate myself little bit, and I can tell you you know merely hey all I can say. Is you guys make sure you leave me a comment down in the comment section below make this if you’ve never hit it? You know what this is like super easy, if you’re on the keto diet, this right here is a meal in itself. You don’t need no cornbread or nothing....


You can find something else if you have to have something: that’s keel friendly, but make this if you want to take it gay. This right here is just gonna put you back when you sit in that seat and you won’t think about you are well aware, like you know the holiday and there you have it southern fried cabbage, sausage and bacon. So tell me what you guys think you should roughly be able to smell it and savour it after watching this video. You want to talk about something good, hey. I had something for you.


Let me know down in the comment section below. How often do you even have fried cabbage? Most beings merely have it like you know like the anniversary go. You know I convey. Oh, it’s a big clas function.


Something like that. This right here should be in your. You know, recipe repertoire. You know what I you get about three to four times a month and I got a bonus for you. It’S keto affectionate, hey whatever you say it, you know what you got.


I see if you’ve been watching my direct. You know I’m all over this sweet smoky Joe, is just Creole kick you know what putting it on everything seafood really really loving it on that shrimp. I’M loving it on everything, if you guys go by his website, which is sweet, smoky Joe’s appease and if you get some of those products at the end, when you check out use the discount code ab1 0 for a 10 % deduction, hey my renunciation is listen. I don’t get nothing from it. Do got a great great produce, hey, listen!


It has rank it up to game. So if “you’re going to” my channel, let me go ahead and just say: hey! Welcome to my direct. You know what don’t forget to subscribe. Hit that, like button, give everybody know out there, there’s a path out here exactly simplifying these recipes.


You know what and taking a mystery went ta cooking and with that tell me anything,



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