Ketogenic Breakfast Updated for 2021

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Updated: June 19, 2021

Ketogenic Breakfast


Hey there, I’m Cahlen and today on The Wizard Life, I’m gonna be talking to you about how I start breakfast each morning, while I’m living in my truck and on a roaming around the United Government living as a nomad parties have been asking me. How am i feeding myself out here and the the key secret to doing this, for me – is basically compacting the calories into his small space as possible and get offsetting it so those calories are now in a structure which doesn’t need refrigeration, because a refrigerator makes power and It also takes up space in the in the truck, so the action I do that is, I mostly imbibe butter and I booze coconut petroleum. So right here this is my giant container of ghee, so Dee is kind of like clarified butter, and you are eligible to afford I taking butter and kind of boiling it and then gliding off the stuff that comes to the top, which is the protein and other stuff like That and they’re the advantages of that are that the ghee doesn’t really go bad, it you don’t need to refrigerate it and it stays good for years and the other advantage is it the proteins that people are often allergic to like casein and substance, like that, It’s not really in there anymore, so you’re not going to get the reaction, there’s all kinds of other benefits to ghee and as long as this grass-fed by the way and then also the all the other things that I’m going to talk about. But I’m not gonna go into all of those benefits in this video, but I will leave associations in the specific characteristics if you want to look into that. So the other. The interesting thing that I use is called caprylic acid and I use a symbol called ability octane sold by the bulletproof companionship and it’s mostly merely kind of like purified, coconut lubricant. So coconut lubricant has different types of overweights in it and that’s determined by how many carbon atoms are lined up in a chain, and this caprylic battery-acid has 8 carbons in a line and the advantage of capilla casted is that it mostly positions your figure into Ketosis, like that, so commonly for those of you who don’t know what ketosis is katoa when you’re running on ketones, which is a a something that your cells use for energy so and it’s it comes from solid. So your you munched that, or “you’ve had” solid in your form and your body processes that and it turns into ketones and your cadres can be utilized that in the same way that they would be using glucose. ...So if you were to eat rice or carbohydrates, or just straight carbohydrate, your body’s gonna turn that into glucose and just gon na use that so you can kind of switch in between using these two different things. The advantages I observed for myself of is in accordance with ketosis is that I feel it’s it’s like a you, have a level amount of energy. So back when I was kind of merely “il rely on” my force coming from carbohydrate and carbohydrate is, I would burn through that substance. Actually swiftly so my energy would be really high-pitched and then it would dip and it would go really low-grade in a bit. Oh man, you are well aware, I don’t know, I’m not sure that if something comes up a situation that I need to be able to think really. Clearly about and be able to act, I’m not really sure I’m gonna be able to do pull it off. I don’t know I mulled how the vigor stockpiles when I’m in ketosis it’s like. I don’t even question it. I time feel better in my torso, my body’s just like buster. We got so much energy and this vitality is gonna last-place and last and last, and I don’t even like when I booze this – I don’t. I don’t even eat lunch until, like 2:00 2:00 p.m.



Intermittent Fasting


And that’s called what’s that called some kind of fasting intermittent fasting, so there’s all kinds of advantages of occasional fasting as well, and I can leave a link down below about that. So “there’s been” ties down below about ketosis and intermittent fasting and certain advantages. Okay. So the other ingredient is, I only have basically cocoa gunpowder or chocolate pulverize, and it’s not sweetened and the reason I use this is because, for those of you have heard a bulletproof coffee, which is basically only butter, caprylic, acid and chocolate. I can’t imbibe chocolate because it I’m not actually sure exactly why. But I get after about a day or two I really crash and my immune systems proceeds bad and I tend to get sick and I my power, I time feel disagreeable. So if I could, I would be sucking bar Coffee, because I enjoy the preference and I loves as it forms me feel. But I can’t so I instead of coffee, I use the chocolate gunpowder and there’s an advantage to a chocolate powder and that chocolate takes all this time to prepare and you have to like filter it and press it and all this trash and chocolate gunpowder. I just go whoop done so yeah, that’s kind of nice and I like chocolate so and it chocolate has all kinds of benefits like polyphenols and substance like that. It’S exactly not quite to a rank of coffee. So let me show you kind of the process of making this so the first step is, I start heating up my sea and so the method I do that is, I use this little water heater, which is runs on a 12 volt method. So you’ve probably discovered these things. This is the type of plug that pushes into your automobile.... The cigarette lighter slit on your car, and I precisely plug this in to this battery, which is connected to my solar array. You discover a beep, and I this this one gallon. It’s like a it’s for milking cows, but I use it for collecting my liquid and I exactly pour it in now – put the lid on and I propagandized the steam button when I proceed. Do all the other things all right, while that’s ocean is steaming, I’m going to start frame the ingredients into this thermos. The advantage of a thermos is obviously it’s going to stay warm for a long period of time and since I’m drinking 1,500 calories, that’s not something! I’M going to see down all at once, and so it actually lasts me the whole way from in the morning all the way up until I have lunch and actually sometimes I’m still imbibe a little bit after I’ve had lunch. So what I do is I applied 1 tablespoon of chocolate gunpowder and I use this long table spoon because I have to use this because when this goes low-spirited, I have to be able to scoop all the way down there, and I really like coming my hand In there – and then I positioned so one tablespoon of the chocolate powder – and that seems to be enough – and also it’s nice, because then I don’t have to buy this stuff all the time. It starts a long way and then I have 6 tablespoons of the caprylic battery-acid and 6 tablespoons of the ghee. So a tablespoon of either of these is approximately about 125 calories. So terms 6. I believe that’s 1,500 calories by itself, so something I want to mention to you. If you’re going to start drinking fatty for breakfast in some kind, don’t start it at 6 tablespoons butter and 6 tablespoons of coconut petroleum, you’re gonna get sick, you’re , not gon na feel very good, and when I firstly started, there’s no way I could have done This I’ve been drinking this for probably virtually two years now and I started, I conclude one tablespoon of each and that’s what I would say if you were gonna. Do it probably start at one tablespoon and if you get, if you are interested in not so good in your tummy at that point, like ease off on the caprylic battery-acid a little bit, but it doesn’t take too long. I’D say a few weeks to start ramping up. ...I’D say it probably makes longer than that to get up to 1,500 calories, though so I’ll just gonna show you I’m not gonna. Do the whole process burn you, it takes kind of a long time, but I’ll I’ll show you one dollop of each thing. Okay, first, I lay in the single dollop of chocolate powder, time a position dollop, and I like to stick the spoonful down in there turn it upside down and pop it so that it comes out. Then I take the caprylic acid. I framed the spoon kind of sitting on top here and I tilt it just a little bit so if it overflows it runs into the thermos and not everybody, so there we go and then I exactly tilt it, and I do that five more Times then, I just take a big scoop of Doug. It’s warm out here. Normally this stuff’s pretty solid. It’s a little bit starting to liquefy a little bit and I have to use my thumb to get onto out, generally exactly drop it in there and then do that five more eras. So again, if you’re going to have this, I would say you probably want to stop right there and then ease into it, and I don’t know I’ve never actually heard of anyone having 1500 calories. If this was a lot of people who are having this sort of thing for their breakfast, I’ve never heard of anyone do relatively so much better except maybe Dave Asprey or something like that, and I don’t even think he does that anymore. So I just say, start low-pitched. So the sea is reached practically cooking, I tend to not to let it quite get to boiling time because it kind of overflows and the irrigate starts to steam off and I lose the water. I compute the liquid at this site and then I put the lid on and I left open for about just a couple minutes to let the butter melt, because the next step is to mix it. And you don’t want to do that. While the butter is solid and now the last step is to mix it, and this part is really important, because your body has a tough time digesting fat because in order to get it into the bloodstream, it kind of needs to mix in with the irrigate. ...And, as you are well aware, petroleum doesn’t mix with water, so what it frequently does is it creates a combination in various organs which assistants the the fatty mix with the liquid. But the thing is: if you’re boozing like really like massive amounts, that’s not normal. The body’s not going to be like oh yeah, we can totally handle that. So what you want to do is you want to break the fatty down into tiny, insignificant, tiny, little droplets to make its job way easier and so blend. When I, when I lived in a house, I would simply use like a real high-pitched strength blender, but I found that I can do the same with time a milk frother, and this is a cool little thing because I can use can charge it with a USB Cable, so anything that can charge USB can blame this thing. So just take this, I lent a bit after the butter softened. I compute a little bit of cold water to it, really to fill it up to about here so that when it’s done I are to be able imbibe it, and then I precisely turn it on high gradually “il be gone”. Let it mingled for a little bit. So I usually do this for about 30 seconds to a hour, so formerly it’s done, mingling it’s good to go ready to drink, and once I’m done with that, I merely put the lid on and if it’s been sitting for a while, the overweight can tend to Settle on the top, and so what I’ll do is I’ll pick it up I’ll turn it over formerly and then open it. ...So if I, if I shake it and then open it, extremely when the water is still really hot, it tends to go and spray all over the place and it makes a moderately chaotic situation. So just something that I like to think about. I think of the butter and the coconut petroleum is basically like condensed: liquefied force from the Sun. Like liquids, Sun energy and the the coconut lubricant comes from a from a tree. A tree is make, the sunlight, is taking the soil and it’s kind of using water. In that process, and it’s creating a compound which, when you imbibe it, it’s just it gives people the intensity to do everything that you do and it’s the same thing for the the butter and the ghee, the moo-cow it sucks, it boozes the ocean, it devours. The grass and it sucks the sunlight in its bark and it turns all of that into pure power. So just something to think about, and I emphatically recommend this. I think that if you’ll, if you try it out you’ll notice, how much better you feel – and so, if you just wanted to do the periodic fasting type thing, this is all that you drink and you don’t eat anything in the morning, make sure you’re not having any Protein or any sugars of various kinds, only overweight and go all the way until like one or two and then at that point you can eat up to. You know a pair hours before bedtime and then you can just keep reiterated that and again I’ll lean relates about all the benefits of ketosis intermittent fasting. Ghee, coconut oil, all that stuff in the description below so thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you next time –