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Ketogenic diet may be the newest diet trend doing rounds, but it has its own impact on a person following the diet- be it good or bad. Here are some pros and cons of following the Keto diet that you must know about.
Potential Advantages of the Keto Diet
1. Blood sugar balance
According to an animal based study, ketogenic diet may help boost cognitive performance for animals; however, more studies are being done in order to get a clearer outcome. 
2. Supports gut health
Many who suffer from digestive issues may have an added advantage by following the keto diet. Increased fat intake can sometimes boost bowel movement. 
3. Healthy response to inflammation
Ketosis may actually help in reducing inflammation in the body and make the process smoother and further helps in soothing discomfort.
4. Stabilizes energy levels
Fats are a readily available source of energy; so once someone is fat-adapted and in ketosis, they can stay full for longer and still have pumped up energy levels.
Potential Disadvantages of the Keto Diet
The transition from a normal to a keto diet may not be as smooth as expected and may result in unsettling side effects. When you stop eating carbs and replace them with a higher intake of fat and protein, your body needs time to adapt these changes. Therefore, it can take days and weeks to get used to the new change. You may experience brain fog, muscle cramps, fatigue, diarrhea and even nausea. The lack of carbohydrates may cause your blood sugar to drop, leaving you moody, tired and irritated most of the times. It is advisable to follow these diets under strict observance of your dietitian or nutritionist.

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