Ketogenic Egg Diet | 1 WEEK Results


Ketogenic Egg Diet | 1 WEEK RESULTS – 19 POUNDS???!!!


Ketogenic Egg Diet


Hey people Rolando move “you’re seeing” with x-games calm we got workouts that work is to satisfy and everything else you need to reach your lifestyle aims[ Music] so this video is the one-week update of doing the ketogenic and diet well I did it first and foremost because I went to Disneyworld weighing 165 pounds 7 days later I come back I departed crazy floodgates remain open ingesting everything and not intermittent fasting at Disney World I “re coming back” and I had gained 19 pounds so to lose this load instead of intermittent fasting and just kidding keeping my caloric intake actually low-toned throughout the week... I decided to make the approach of the ketogenic egg diet I’ve done diets in the past where I have lost 12 to 15 pounds in a week’s time okay it was about occasional fasting nearly for 24 hours about three days throughout the week and not devouring more than 400 calories twice a week and then eating regularly one day out of that week and it was crazy on my mas so I decided to try the ketogenic egg nutrition which I tried right before going in Disney World and the weight loss was insane in six daylights I lost 19 pounds okay how was my exact approach the first day of getting on the ketogenic egg food I fasted from dinner Sunday night until dinner Monday evening I had 12 eggs Monday evening okay with about four tablespoons of butter 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and about two slivers of cheese then I had Shakeology I had Shakeology every single night while I was doing the ketogenic egg food and that’s the only really source of carbs that I had and it was about 10 to 15 net carbs that I would have on a regular basis because eggs is all fatty and protein if you do the ketogenic egg food approaching you’re gonna smacked your macros accurately in terms of low-grade carb high overweight now what I also did have on a daily basis was 2 cups of chicken broth with added salt because again if you are reducing your carb intake your organization is going to get rid of a lot of the liquid and your kidneys if you’re getting into ketosis they’re going to start to expel a great deal of the salt that you have in your system so to made to ensure that you keep the electrolytes and the irrigate retention in your arrangement and so make sure that you’re gonna stay consistent when you want to go to the bathroom you need to up your salt uptake when you’re going into a ketogenic food the next day after fasting from dinner to dinner the first day I ingest lunch at 3 p. m.




Because the part week if I wasn’t fasting from dinner to dinner I was doing an 18 -hour fast with a six hour feeding window so at 3 p. m. I started to eat I would have anywhere from 4 to 8 eggs at lunch and then I would have anywhere from 8 to 12 eggs at dinner depending on how many eggs I would have at lunch I’d have more at dinner or vice versa and I did when I was having 12 to 18 eggs a daylight I wouldn’t cook my eggs with anywhere from 2 to 4 tablespoons of butter depending on how many eggs I would have I would contribute anywhere from 1 to 4 wedges of cheese and then 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise only at dinner and salt to savour and that’s what I was eating then right before going to bed I’ve had chakal adji to close out my fed space I was gonna do it for an entire week to see what happened but I lost 19 pounds now in terms of my feeling and how the week went daytime 1 was amazing I felt stupendous date 2 day 3 I started to feel a little sluggish in the exercisings on date 4 i rebounded and I was in ketosis the morning of day 4 so even if they are I intermittent fasting for 24 hours on the first day and then I intermittent fasting 18 hours the next day and I preserved my workout regiment the same throughout on the third day I still wasn’t in ketosis it wasn’t till the fourth daylight that I was in ketosis and when... I’m following a ketogenic egg food approaching to eating what I noticed is I stay in ketosis the entire day when I’m doing a low-spirited carb high-pitched solid diet I might over eat on protein or there might be a you know some only in general from the volume of menu that I’m eating my insulin rank might rise a little bit too high located off the protein and may be too much of carbs in the veggies that I am devouring and I sometimes will be out of ketosis during the day but with the ketogenic egg diet I’m in ketosis the entire day and if you think about it’s all because the macronutrients are some people might not even be munching carbs that offered lodging to a true ketogenic egg nutrition and only ingesting eggs and butter but everybody has a different approach so I wanted to share mine mine again cook my eggs with butter have a whole bunch of eggs have cheese two tablespoons of mayonnaise and then I have Shakeology every single night and I lost 19 pounds in a week my workout regimen bided exactly the same I was devouring almost 2,000 calories a epoch I actually maintained my calorie intake about 18 to 2,100 calories on a regular basis on every single day but there was something that I felt that I was missing in terms of craving I don’t think there’s a lot of beings out there that like eggs more than I do every single meal I was experiencing the egg but I really really felt like I was missing something in my food I wanted to have meats on one and a half sausage I wanted to have spinach I wanted to have Brussels sprigs... I commonly don’t have those craves any if at all and I wasn’t craving carbs to be perfectly honest so to recap started the ketogenic egg food at 184 pounds within six dates I came down to 165 pounds and I’m calling it discontinues I’m super aroused about eating a huge Caesar salad with chicken and some Parmesan cheese on that thing tonight and I’m gonna get back to eating my regular ketogenic food probably eating anywhere from 2,000 to 2,500 calories a era but following a low-carb high-fat ketogenic coming and I’ll be sure enough touch base with you guys an update to see what happens when I go back to eating a regular low-toned carb high-pitched overweight ketogenic nutrition coming off with a ketogenic egg diet that’s it for now I hope you guys enjoyed the video my honour is Rolando Rodriguez Mex Gamescom because any know if you got any questions or mentions down below the website again is X – that’s the representation not the word Gamescom please like subscribe and share the channel if you haven’t done so already I seriously applauded the fact I hope you guys have a awesome week.