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Ketogenic vs Low Carb And Tips

Ketogenic vs Low Carb

In my opinion Keto or low carb is nothing more than a way of making dishes that are more fattening. Keto is when you avoid having carbs at all cost. Low carb is also a way of avoiding carbs but by using healthy fats. Some people also use other substances to put us back in control. The thing is that, whether you eat Keto or low carb, all foods are not equal.

All carbohydrates are not equal (they are classified according to the glycemic index)

A very high glycemic index food can cause high blood sugar quickly, whereas a low glycemic index food, if consumed in small quantities, will cause the body to burn fat. So, you should eat more of the foods in between the high glycemic ones.

When you eat foods high in fiber (leavening agents) the body burns some of the fats for fuel and the rest should be stored as fat. The more fiber in the food the more fiber and fat will be stored.Ketogenic vs Low CarbĀ 

When you eat foods high in fat and oil (or saturated fats), the body will store the fat. In addition, it will use the healthy fats for energy and the fats that are high in omega-3, which are good for our heart and brain.

Here is an example of how my husband does not eat Keto foods

* Meat, fish and poultry like chicken are avoided. Instead he would like to eat vegetables. They are high in fiber.

* Potatoes and corn are good but not in large quantity. He likes potatoes and corn in salads, but he would like to eat more vegetables.

* Rice and pasta are good but not as much as corn and potatoes. When he does eat rice and pasta, he would like to use more healthy fats for cooking, so rice and pasta are not the main ingredient.

When you have a gluten allergy (wheat, barley, oats), you can suffer from anaphylaxis. This is the equivalent of dead air when you do something spicy or hot. It’s like your body has no adrenaline going and so it has a hard time regulating the body when you are cooking a dish.

I suggest you begin thinking like that when you buy the meat you eat. All of the above foods should be considered as possible fixings. You can use them with other fixings. Then make sure you do not eat more than one meat meal a day. And try making sauces you can mix in with the meat you eat.


You can find so many recipes and ideas online for cooking. With the internet, you can be at your fingertips, when you need to know what to do, for instance, bake cookies or bake a cake. When you do not know how to cook, you can find simple recipes online.

I suggest you do not wait to start learning and creating in your kitchen until you have to cook. The first thing you must do is buy some essential cookware pieces. This is what I think a good cook would have in his or her kitchen:

1. Kitchen Scale. This will help you measure your ingredients accurately and accurately will help you cook the dishes accurately. A more expensive scale might weigh your ingredients accurately.

2. Two metal utensils for mixing and kneading. These should be made of stainless steel or aluminum. Some cooks prefers plastic. In any case, these will not break. But a strong metal utensil will help you cook your dishes correctly.

3. Two stainless steel or aluminum baking pans. A good cook would have two baking pans made of different material. The first one is the greased or greased aluminum pan. The second is the non greased and non greased pans, this is to cook the dish in a non-stick pan.

4. A pastry blender and an ice cream scoop. When you want to make ice cream, a pastry blender and an ice cream scoop are indispensable because you do not know how much liquid to scoop. And it is imperative that you have an ice cream scoop because it helps you scoop the right amount of ice cream.

5. A thermometer. This is to measure the temperature of the meat, poultry and fish. Sometimes, you will have to use the temperature. When this happens, it is very essential that you have a thermometer.

Some of the other things that you might need, are: a meat thermometer, measuring cups, strainer, wire racks, oven mitts, kitchen shears, sharp knife and a meat hook.

You need a refrigerator. Otherwise, your meat will get spoiled. If you want to keep your meat fresh, it is necessary that you have a refrigerator.keto

Some recipes may require you to make certain dishes several times. For example, you will have to make lasagna more than six times. This is to make it stretch and become moist. And you will have to make marinara sauce more than four times. It is better if you buy the ingredients for these dishes. But if you cannot find the ingredients, you can use canned or frozen meat, poultry and fish instead of fresh ingredients. You can use canned meat, poultry and fish only for one time. If you want to freeze the dishes, you should marinade the meat, poultry and fish in other flavors before freezing. It is better if you freeze the dishes with other flavors in addition to marinara sauce. You should never use frozen meat, poultry and fish for frying or roasting.

After cooking, you have to let the dishes cool. Then you have to clean the dishes well and season them with seasonings. You should use spices that you prepared in advance. For example, you should use seasoning ingredients marinated by marinara sauce, before you use it for cooking. These flavors can be use again and again. These spices are marinated in marinara sauce. Some of the spices you use for cooking include basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage, parsley, tarragon, fennel, garlic, chives, bay leaf, parsley, cilantro, mint, cumin, paprika, juniper berries, cayenne, red pepper flakes and other recipes that you may want to know more about.

There are many recipes that you can use in cooking. But some of them are difficult to prepare. If you want to know more about some of the recipes, just visit some of the websites for those recipes. It is advisable to visit the websites that offer easy to cook recipes.

* * *

You should avoid mixing the spices separately before adding them to the meat or seafood. You should either marinate the meat or seafood in marinara sauce or marinate them using a combination of soy sauce and oyster sauce. Always choose the sauce that contains the seasoning ingredients that you prepare before hand. When you choose this combination, the foods will be tender and won’t be too tough and hard. You should also freeze the dishes before adding them to the freezer and then to the refrigerator. The finished dishes should be mixed well and used as soon as possible.

Many foods are easy to cook and many foods are not so easy to cook. For example, fish is made up of multiple kinds of ingredients that you should choose to create easy to cook dishes that taste delicious. A lot of fish recipes are made up of mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar, mirin, and other seasoning ingredients. This makes the fish’s taste sour.

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