Low Carb Shake

Low Carb Shake


What’s going on chaps fatty employer you checking in and on this video and I’m gonna outline you how to do is make a very easy go to shake that that I create when I feel like I’m, not gonna listen my protein or I’m really low-pitched On carbs – and I get that uh that honied suggest, so this is going to be very quick, easy and you need negligible constituents. We’re gonna give you some alternatives along the way, but let’s get started so the ingredients you’re gonna need is one cup of liquid or milk, almond milk ice or sorry on the milk, coconut milk. Whatever you want to use, it’s all gonna depend on what your macros in one map or, if you’re, just trying to touched I’m gonna, make it simply a reasonably little carb, somewhat high protein low fat, so I’m gonna consume irrigate. So I got my I got my blender on the scale of assessments previously and we’re gonna do eight ounces of liquid. Alright little over eight ounces got one cup of ice, missed that one one cup of frost and you were able to lent more or less ice. I’M just gonna kind of play with it, depending on the way in which much of a slushy quality you miss or a smooth quality. You crave what I’m gonna do. Is you can add peanut butter to this again, is dependant on your macros?... I’M probably not gonna have peanut butter, because I want to save my paunches for a bit later. You further contribute peanut butter on now. You computed some creatine for your first morning shake or a pre-workout shake. What I’m gonna have next is um about. One sufficing of blueberries time to give you guys an idea here: one performing of these blueberries is 12 grams hold on one. Seven of these blueberries is 12 grams of carbs, so again, very minimal. So we’re gonna weigh this out. So I’m gonna be asking you right under 12 grams of carbs, so little quick trick, one supporting is 140 grams, so I would segment the amount now: 98 by 140. That’s gonna. Tell me how much how much of a serve I have. So that’s done. That’s out the road next question: I know beings are gonna be asking me, is fatty. Can I use bananas? Can I use strawberries, blue-blooded raspberries? ...You could use whatever result. You challenge again it’s going to depend on your macronutrients. I actually like to mix a banana in this and savor pretty good, but I’m gonna keep it purely real simple, because you sons on a little bit of a snipped so trying to save my calories for last-minute now. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add two gobs of I’m exploit my proteins chocolate coconut protein, so the macros on this are 2 grams of fatty, one gram of a carb and 20 grams of protein per dollop or 25 grams. I’M gonna actually measurement it out you’re using whatever protein you crave. If you do want to use this protein he’s pretty good, they have a really decent expendings. I have made a Amazon store to make it nice and easy for you guys, so that secure will be in the description all right, so we’re at 26, I’m trying to get 250 grams. Practically there 50 BAM all right. So I got again really simple recipe. You guys did 2 lumps of protein little than a perform of blueberries frost and sea. Again you can mix in milk. You do what the hell are you miss I’ll, are absolutely right back and meld this up, and I’m gonna expose you guys the finished product, alright gents.




So here’s the finished product when I did it testify on cameras. I included a little of the cool flog, cool whip on top and I had a three suffices, so these amounts of the macros for this and then I still got a bunch left over. As you learn right there, so excuse me, the total Mac was for this. About 17 grams of carbs would have been 21 if I had a full sufficing of blueberries 17 grams of carbs. Well, I want to say 7 grams of solid in 36 grams of protein. So if you are a female and you are not hitting your protein, that’s probably you know that’s more than half or you know, perhaps 3/4 all the amount of protein that you’re taking in a appointment is dependant on on your quantity and your macros. If you’re a male.... This could be a fourth-year protein, but predominantly guys what I’m trying to get at is. There should not be an excuse as to why you’re not getting your protein while you’re not compiling your macros if you’re bulking, if you need to eat more lean amount, whatever you want to call it if you didn’t feed, if you need to eat more, you could Ground some oats that were in there you could add that peanut butter that I was gonna do earlier. You could give more arises. You could even removed kale in there now a caution even if you gonna throw kale in there. Your smoothies gonna come out green, but it’s tasteless regardless chaps that is the finished product I’m going to enjoy my shake and I’ll see you guys on the next video




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