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Hi, guys Dave from metabolic cook calm and by better half Karen the lean kitchen Queen hand. Your hair. Today, with a good friend, Adam steer, I’m buddy aftermath kuch kaam, hey you guys doing great yeah at all glad to have you at the place accurately shapeshifter media. Central alright, so today well having chocolate this morning and we kind of came up with a really really good recipe and we decided to add it last minute to the metabolic cooking, a bundle and it was his idea. Yes, I have Owen copyrights, I don’t know.


Oh, yeah, I represent I was gonna say if you’ve been hanging around for a while. You know through Ryan that I have a bread addiction, but I likewise have a serious chocolate addiction, so we’re hanging out over our mid-morning espresso this morning. Talking about the thermal charged shakes – and I said well, the work requires a thermo Chino, sup thermo Chino. We framed our heads together and we came up with this awesome recipe and the period which you know was born. There is 0 now so, just like any other metabolic thermo charge.


Metabolism unit’s recipes that we have this one has all kinds of metabolic boost belongings. So we can start basically like the locate part. It’S a thermo Chino, so we have a cup of the epic. She got a little espresso that we embroider a lot of a cappuccino, cappuccino cup of express, so that we actually it’s called express or now, and it was telling it what it’s going to be a therm attainable accurately so because this movie needs to be cold. We have ice cubes about 500 meters and Mars.


Dothe n’t impersonate people? Okay, that’s fine! So “were having” the ice cubes, the cool thing with ice cubes. Its just like things on your thermogenic result as well. Is that you just like, for example, parties Hughes?


I think I cold bath get bass that, in order like to reduce this body heat very much, and that action your organization has to kind of fight and kind of burn, more calories and use more forces to fetch the heat. The body heat back up to normal, so that’s the thermogenic effect of ice and that kind of is the same thing with sparkler kind of because of the coldnes. Your body has to fight a little bit more wreaks the usable with more exertion in order to bring that that, by temperature to ordinary mood, I mean it’s an addition of little things that we use in our shakes. You know that quyen that metabolic result not only the ice or derides. We use other proteins combination of all that is shapes it manufactures it metabolic turbocharged and, like we were talking about earlier, you know if you’re doing everything else privilege, you might as well use these little tricks.


That will push you that much further onward. Every time you use exactly it’s done so, the more you added you know the addition of all these snacks and shakes and tricks is going to help you up in advance your metabolism on one feed. Oh, next part, we have some Greek yogurt today, maybe if you wan na had that any about part goblet of Greek yogurt. Actually we enjoy Greek yogurt is high in protein and it had that um textures that peaches-and-cream creamy yeah Gina, perfect yeah. She knows equals creamy.


Yeah, so a little bit of Greek yogurt, it’s gon na said milky face and creamy composition to it. Yeah, come now. We have a little bit of cinnamon. So about ever say tinge of cinnamon for most recipes, but you can use as much as you want. Is it’s that kind of super spice that you... can add to your recipes and that has actually multiple decencies?


Its really good to r2 degree of your blood sugar grades. Its going to boost your immune system as well. Many many other like healthy property Tv that is going to help you form your body more healthy, healthier, basically and help you burn more calories on the long run, because I necessitate a health body equals better metabolic gatherings, equals more. I burn basically that’s a simple as that, so that kind of super spice you can use with with everything it savor immense as well yeah alright. So we had that segment.


Now Steve yeah haha Adams favorite. He has a sweet tooth, Stevie’s natural sweetener, all right like it’s vintage. It’S a plaintiff splenda, it’s made from appliance and Adam as you sweet tooth and that picturing super sweet. So, just like half a teaspoon. I judge I actually have two teaspoons a great deal if they smack one is enough: how did you feel it too much yeah just like yeah, but like that’s me, yeah hot one.


Third, between teaspoon, I represent it’s very, very sweet and usually a tinge is enough. I get most recipes, you can ex I’m not around pinches enough. If I was not around, we just use it really use a pinch of stevia. When is around? We use like half a teaspoon yeah, it’s very sweet and I fuse much to give a little a little more uh to get a meal sweeter, sweeter song.


There you go so stevia a last but not least we got protein powder here. My favorite type of protein favorite brand, it’s an either smooth from Blue Star. Its very high quality protein and destroyed like the protein content per scoop, surrey, elevations, 30 grams of protein – and actually I don’t know I am pretty good good nights with the owner. We know I’m pretty well, so we kind of trust the quality of that Brent and it’s good quality so and penchants really good protein spices because exam and about 30 grams of protein. The thing with protein, it’s one of the main one of these micro-macro nutrients.


Your body’s going to burn more calories grasping protein, so it’s gonna facilitate as well, boosting your metabolism and burn more body solid. So we supplemented the frost and we’re gonna abuse. I’M super Blendtec blender precisely to smooth a check this out the hastens. Can it change automatic things and the funny thing I hadn’t received that his new blend or a duo days ago and he’s been actually measuring pretty much all of our metabolism smoothies to try these brand-new blender? So that’s pretty funny to see him going in the house.


Like doing like four shape oblige mins a era, so “when youve got” metabolic cooking, don’t worry all the smoothies ought to have measured their body weight coach approve. I guess yeah freedom. Look at that nice and peaches-and-cream. Oh, it’s beautiful! Thank you.


Thank you very much, sir. Applauds Mirth yeah the thermo Chino mm-hmm? Yes, it savours like it is a cappuccino. Type of a texture can refill the cinnamon, and, oh, my idol screaming it’s perfect. Yeah, ryan affections, I believe, autumn anyway.


The thermo Chino chaps glees you



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