Muscle Building Egg Wrap



All right, i want to show you what i’ve been ingesting in the morning and for lunch, and I merely detected this flatbread, which is amazing. It’S multigrain with flax, it’s only a hundred calories, but it actually has nine grams of protein. That’S crazy and it only has four carbs is 17 and it’s got for the dietary fiber. It’S came eight grams, so it’s a really good flatbread. What I do is I take one of these and then I’ll cut it in half and I’ll show you that in a minute, but when I do, is I chipped that in half, so I’m really merely having 50 calories, I’m having half the protein with it, but Then what I do is I have four egg whites, a half, a piece of cheese and then four slivers of goose pastrami, which is a straight around 60 calories. I believe it is but you’re getting some protein in there too, and it’s a goose pastrami, and it’s really nice and seasoned and i’ll register you the finished product here in a minute. But i want to show you the ingredients, and this here is only about 180 calories, but it’s got about 32 grams of protein. So again, like i said i have this in the morning. I’M sorry not 32 grams. It has probably around 27, because i only have a half of the flatbread 25 to 27 grams of protein. Well, first thing in the morning and then at lunchtime, this is what i have i’m going to show you what it looks like in a minute. Next, what you’re going to do is you’re going to cook up the egg whites you can see. I drizzled in a little of the yolk and I shambled one up its not much it’s not a full yo by any means you can see. Actually, there’s all the egg yolks right there, but I drip some and no big deal it’s a little bit.... I judge I kill you all right so regardless, so I precisely do that then flip-flop it and then what I’m going to do is kept it in the half of my flatbread. I’M gon na present you that next then, what I do is I make my my little omelet here. I convey it over to my flat food in my flat food. You can hijack cut in half and then I kept the cheese I kind of break up the cheese that little half a piece of cheese and I put one across there. Then I precisely lay that baby on there, like that kind of spread it out alright and then next, I’m going to set the pastrami on it after we cook that up then I’ll, a the pastrami kind of the other half of the half. That spawns appreciation, and then I just take – and I fold it over so I kind of make like a taco just like that kind of push it down. Okay , now the other thing that I do – and I only do this at lunch time – I don’t do it all the time, but sometimes I do if you like something a little bit different open it back up again and grab a little of spicy mustard. I is a well-known fact that voices bizarre, but you have you ever had deviled eggs or even like a macaroni, salad or potato salad, and they placed the mustard in it various kinds of savor like that. ...So then, what I do is I really squirt, maybe a tablespoon on there. Take that babe and gently press down, and then I revere it for a minute because it inspects so beautiful. Look at that thing I signify look at the look at the size of it. 180 calories right there, and this is something you’re not going to get if they, if you go to a eatery or a you know fast food place, ain’t going to happen this right here, it’s going to give you a lot of protein low-grade carb, but a good Automobile good, fiber and tons of protein all right, so that’s it 180 calories and I had like. I said I have this for breakfast and I also have it for lunch and you were able to always fix these and freeze them and then pop them in the microwave. That’S it. This is scott with you get ripped pacify. This is what i eat to get me some good old protein, in order to be allowed to hopefully improve some more muscle. Well, i don’t often do this at the end of a video that i just made, but i generally send a video to to my crony Jim, and you know we kind of go back and forth, which might do more of that. But just wanted to give you a test of what this baby looks like going in my lip yeah, that’s good! I mean you can feed sorry. I talk with my cheek full. You can see the circumference of this sandwich. You could just see it looks really good. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. I think you ought to give it a try because, like I said, you’re getting a lot of protein, which is that’s exactly what we need to build muscle but you’re. Getting some good fiber you’re, too able to placed a hundred and hundred eighty calories, which gym did a video on 180 calories comparison to like a donut like a donut like a crappy donut that doesn’t even have anything on it. If you have a donut with like like a Boston cream or something it’s like 320 calories, you were able to approximately have two of these and think of the protein you’re gon na have mmm really gone. Try it receive what you think, how you get ripped. You



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