Pickled Onions Taste Great On Almost EVERYTHING!

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Today, I’m making my new favorite condiment pickled onions. Have you ever tried them? Well, I tried them about a week ago and I just kind of fell in love with them. I’M not a person that likes raw onions. So if you don’t like fresh onions, like you know, when you meet them on your sandwich or your salad or your taco or whatever, “I know I am” definitely picking those raw onions off, but people have been talking about this pickled onion thing and I’m like okay. Let me give it a go. They say it’s not smells. It’s flavorful, it’s there, crispy crunchy. You know they’re just delicious, so I committed it a go and I tell you I have to share it with you. So I’m going to put together a couple of different spices for you, I’m going to do more of a basic one with some apples cider, vinegar and then I’m going to do another one with a different vinegar and some different spices. Precisely, to show you, you know, give you some ideas and then, of course I want to hear from you what you might want to use down in specific comments below so please leave a message down there regardless, I’m rockin robin and I’m going to show you all The ins and outs and how to do this right after this,... let’s is the beginning with our chef joke. So where did the onion go to have a few drinks, the salad bar? So, let’s talk about our parts, I’m going to be using a cherry-red onion! Now, why do we want to use a red onion? Well, you could use a yellow onion, but the red onion is nice because well I made this a couple of days ago. Look how vibrantly red this is from using a ruby-red onion. So, what that does is it gives your food a pop? When you lend this to your sandwich or your salad, i necessitate it truly. Visually merely represents it come alive. Our next part is some kind of vinegar, I’m using apple cider, because I love the spice. It uses really well, you could use white, vinegar, red wine, vinegar, pretty much anything I haven’t tried balsamic hitherto, and that would be interesting to try so feel free to use any vinegar you require, and then you want to use some sort of sweetener to balance out The acid, so you can use regular grey carbohydrate, but of course I’m not doing that, I’m going to use maple syrup. You had been able to use sugar, coconut sugar, anything that works for you. Your next simple ingredient is a little bit of salt, so I’m expend a little of salt and then my other flavoring in this basic recipe is just some peppercorns. Now, when slicing your onion, you want to make sure that you slice it very thin. You want it to be between 1 8 of an inch to a quarter of an inch thick and no more, and the above reasons for that is because, if you cut it too thick all the spices and the vinegar can’t penetrating into the onion and you’re not going To get the best result, so you want to cut off the ends: cut the onion in half peel off the bark and you’re going to want to thinly slice here, so this is for the wind. I’M going to place these onions into a cup of irrigate here and we’re going to position this on the stave, generate it to a stew and then formerly the time comes to a evaporate, I’m going to lower the temperature and concoct it for like one minute, we’re basically Blanching, the onion all right, these onions are just starting to boil.... You can see a little foam coming up and turn it down a little bit to set the timer for one minute and then we’re gonna take them out all right one minute’s up. I have a strainer here in a bowl and I’m just going to place them right into it. While we’re waiting for our onions to cool back there. I pictured “i’ve heard” an onion singing a biji song, but it turns out it was just a chive talking formerly the onions are cooled, we can place them into our mason cup, and I’ve got two here, of course, for two different recipes. So we’re going to eliminating them both up and trust me these don’t! Last-place too long in my house, “I am telling you” they they move, quick they’ve been discovered, and now they are a favorite. Now. What I have here is, I have a. I have about a half a goblet of ocean and I’m going to mix in a half a beaker of apple cider, vinegar, I’m going to toss in a teaspoon of salt. Now, I’m going to add my maple syrup about a tablespoon you can play around with this. You know, add a little more, maybe a little less, will vary depending on how you like it so give this a good stir. I’M going to add some peppercorns to that. You want to stir this until it’s all dissolved the sugar and whatever carbohydrate you’re using and the salt is disbanded in, and you can even devote it a flavor at this quality if you found out that you added too much sugar and it’s too sweet. For you contributed a little more vinegar, that is good. Its got a nice zip to it. So then, we’ll merely pour that privilege in so that’s our first container now we’ll work on the second batch so for our second quantity,... I’m going to be using some pear, raspberry, vinegar and I’ve never squandered this before and son. Does it smell good? So I’m going to use a little bit stronger ratio of vinegar to spray, so I’m going to add about a half a cup of vinegar to about a quarter of a beaker of irrigate. This vinegar just doesn’t seem to be as strong as the apple cider vinegar. Now you can use any ratio that you want. In fact, you can use all vinegar if you wish now we’ll go in with our maple syrup. That’s what I like to use, because the flavor is good and we’ll need to go in with a little salt. Our flavoring, for this is going to be some fresh garlic and fresh Rosemary, so trim off the end of your garlic, crush it down a bit and then the wind comes right off and I would love it if you would smash the like button. Just like this garlic, we’ll stir up the vinegar concoction and then pour it right into our onions, along with the garlic and Rosemary notice, I’m only abusing a very small piece of fresh Rosemary because it is very strong seal up your receptacles and sit Them in the refrigerator for at least an hour overnight is best I like to situate the time on them so that I know how aged then there, and these will deter and be good for two to three weeks, I attracted my onions out of the refrigerator and They’ve simply been in there about an hour, and I wanted to show you that “they’re willing” early, but the spices don’t develop entirely, for you are well aware, certainly overnight. ...Our first batch here, the one I shaped two days ago, is very vibrant in red-faced, as you can see, and the flavors are more intense, so here’s the new batch we just made of the same flavor and you can see the hue is not nearly as intense But it will get there after a got a couple of days of you are well aware exactly marinading. Now here’s our third batch with the pear-raspberry vinaigrette with the garlic and the Rosemary, and it is amazing. I don’t know if you can discover the crunch, but these do not get soggy. That is flavorful. Its got some tang to it. Its got a little hint of sweetness. Very, very delicious. We’ve been devouring it. We enjoy it because I really want to encourage you to try some of these specialty vinegars that have little fruit flavors. So very good. I’ve got a great recipe for you to try these pickled onions on it’s, my pitch-black bean burger recipe and I’m going to leave a link for you right over here. Click that go check it out, compile those pitch-black nut burgers and lend this to them. It is going to just take it to the next level. Thank you so much better for watching, don’t forget to subscribe to my path and cure me share this video by crush the like button. Alright, we’ll see you next time.



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