10 Kid Friendly Foods That Reduce Constipation

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10 Kid Friendly Foods That Reduce Constipation

Hey mothers, I know I’m sure that almost everyone of you might have, some day or the other- faced the problem of constipation in your kids. Whether it’s their daily morning pain where they’re holding their tummies, and requesting you not to feed them with a glass of milk, or the disappointment on their faces when they return from their school, constipation keeps all of us worried in some way or the other.
If you’re also looking out for a reputed child nutritionist that provides all details for foods that kick constipation away from your child’s life and get the smile back on their faces, you’re in the right place as this blog has some proven and tested information you’ll cherish. So, let’s get rolling-
When compared to most of the fruits, raspberries have the highest fiber content available. Every cup provides about eight grams of fiber in it. So, the next time you go to the market and see the fruit vendor yelling at you for Raspberries, just get them without giving a second thought.


Top dieticians recommend oats as 1 cup of cooked oatmeal provides about four grams of fiber. They reduce constipation as they add bulk to the stool, and also regulate bowel movement. So, to get best results and see your children happy and healthy just use it with a serving of some fresh fruit and add a little honey or maple syrup to get an extra dose of sweetness that isn’t harmful for the body.


Believe it or not, but flaxseeds have been around since 5000 BC. They are rich sources of dietary fiber that are must have for your children. It must also be noted that flaxseeds are very useful for the heart as well. So the next time you’re looking to add more fiber to your child’s diet, just add them in your child’s favorite smoothie, and you’ll see better results.

Peanut Butter-

Another kid-friendly & nutritious fiber source that you must get into your refrigerator. When combined with a variety of fruits or even spread generously over a bread slice (preferably brown), it yields positive results in your child’s digestive system. So, skip the age-old fat filled butter you’ve been consuming since ages, and use it to get your health on the right track.


Green lentils are another useful source of fiber as one half cup of cooked green lentils includes nine grams of fiber in it. Not only is that, lentils an excellent source of proteins that aid your child’s health in a number of ways. Time to stop thinking and get this masterpiece in your kitchen right away.
Next time your child forces you to cook french fries, use an air fryer to preserve the nutritive value.

Keep a strong vigil on your child’s diet, and lookout for what they’re eating, as one careful step today can have a healthy future for them tomorrow. Remember, health is wealth, so if you’re investing in your child’s health today by getting in touch with the best child nutritionist, you’ll definitely reap good results in the years to come.


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