Reverse-Searing Steaks with @keto_pek | Reverse Searing Tutorial

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Keto Steak

I cannot now overrule baked, some steaks today with a very special gas Hello guys THIS mortal@ keto_be, is here and we’re gonna start directly after this Hello guys, Welcome to AD Keto, My name is Aaron. This is Steve. This is the channel where I talk about the ketogenic diet. We do some net food vlogs, I’m talking about some key concoctions and I do some keto recipes. If this is your first time here, satisfy consider signing up and do not click on the clock icon.


So you get a notification when I upload new content, So My man@ keto_pek, is in the house Steve, I’m so excited you’re. Now, Yes, worker, We run reverse-dry pair of steaks. If you do not know it’s like the king of reverse-scalding steaks Like if you want to figure out how to turn-dry your steak. This is the man right here. So show.


Show everyone you have here Steve, So we are going to try two different types of steaks And I have two different beings. So we can, we can try them and you also demo guys significant differences. So I have an 18 -ounce ribeye now that I vacuum-seal and then I have also had this chap now, which is a .., which is a New York strip, which is 1.


pound So it’s just below, I would say about 30 ounces. So it’s only now establish you the distinctions between cooking, a real, real dense steak and likewise a steak. You know maybe about an inch dense Amazing And we will let you know that it’s …


If we record it, it’s not even 10:00 in the morning, So we get our steak at EARLY. So let’s go up and we’ll start Big, So Steve for people who do not know what to turn .., a change Jacobs steak is what is it? What is a reverse Jacobs, steak? ...


Reverse scalding is a process we’re going to cook the steak in an oven at a very low temperature until the inside of the steak contacts a wanted cooking and then we are going to pour it on a hot go to simply dehydrated it out and done It down and then we go enjoy it. We have two different steaks of various types of breadths and we do not really know how long it will take to cook the inside So, instead of basing it on time, we are going to base the temperature What to do. Do we do firstly, Okay, so what we have here is we have has two different cuts of meat again and we’re going to be …

First, we have to prepare them and we do not have to season. We have some vital tool. We need need. The first thing you need is you need a container rack. You miss a baking rack, so you are able to cook the steak from all the different sides.


And then the other thing you need is a meat thermometer, So this particular brand or wording has an investigation that is going to go inside the meat and then we will monitor when the inside of the steak is done, and in this way we will know at What temperature it has to come out Be on the lookout baby. He has appropriate tools We extend season this up and then we go to keep the probes in and we go to keep them in the oven. And look at these things that …


Steve has this Hardcore Carnivore Black .. So this is actually a …


Is a concoction I started, use, which I very much like And it actually has charcoal-grey in it Whoa It has food-grade charcoal inside it and I use it. It passes a lot a lot of good taste I’ll. Let you be the gues, So we’re going to use the black seasonings on the ribeye and then we are just going to use basic salt and pepper over the airstrip Cool I miss those things to switch off below Okay, so here we are a steak that comes in at a little while longer … ...


A little over two inches Ridiculous, Yes, So it’s going to show that we’re going to be able to cook this as much perfection as the ribeye, which is a lot slimmer. The only thing that I frequently use. If I do not use the black pepper, is just salty and seasoning. I have some pink Himalayan salt here or I typically use kosher salt, usually like a rough salt, but we are just going to apply it pretty much on all sides. Thats crazy, Steve!


Yes, these are superstars for now. I’M actually very much looking forward to this one, I’m not going to do this side because it’s just the leg. Yes, Flip it back over us. This is the nice lace Fairly Somewhat Now it’s the smallest ..


It’S the 18 -oz ribeye from my own private broth. That thing is small: Yes, And I saw you vacuum closing this in your IG fibs. Nowadays Yup, You have a brand-new toy very, like vacuum steals things Yup. This is my new toy. I said you know the steak trade is always coming around and I want to be prepared.


Man, oh humankinds, So now we are now blackening this and it actually has salt in it. So I’m just going to position some salt on the bottom, but I do not just wanted to applied much But just go pick up a little and then here I cannot actually apply it preferably generously. Oh, yes, You commonly simply do one slope. Yes, I only do one side of the pitch-black, because I did it on both sides. It’S a little too salty.


So this, I would say it’s both seasoned the path it should be Cool. So now we are going to examine the meat. All privilege so show me this thermometer. This is the ..


Steve actually went this thermometer for me, and I did not use it before today, for I am a loser. Yes, “, Yes, .” Basic, There are some different thermometers and this particular brand duties very easily, and that’s why I use it. So basically, we have an investigation that is going to stick in the meat and then we’re going to set it so that we can only mostly be walking and we’ll get an alarm that lets us know when our steak is done. The key to fathom your flesh,( ehhhh heh) we’re going to try to go as center as possible.


Yes, And we want the steak …, we want the investigation to be in the center We too want to kind in favor of the leg, because it’s going to be a bit on the cool side on the leg. Okay, So we’re going to try to do that with a bit of precision and try to get it in the middle as well as possible.


So you miss the majority of members of sin to be in the middle of the flesh. You are not worried about, like the gratuity where the moment of blasphemy tips up. You wishes to, as part of the investigation …


Yes .. On the flesh – Basically, yes, .. If possible, Yes, and you will.


. You actually know because if you use something a little smaller or something like that, you will actually do not know when you are there, because you are actually going to start find a rise highly, very fast for it exits. You are aware of the oven is only now warmer. So you actually only now realize the temperature of the oven , not the temperature of the meat So you ..


, you will actually identify a slow increase and then, when they are finished we will know they are finished, for it is in the right place. We will do it like now. Take me to dinner firstly Cool There you go So that man’s investigation Yes, so investigate this chap, So now for the smaller steak HA I just made this a “ smaller ” steak, SMALLER steak. I merely have this one smaller steak, so we are going to try to do the exact same thing. We want to get it.


. It’s on the leg Wash go, try to get it a little more in the instructions given by the leg. So in favor of the leg back, But we want to …


we want to try to be as centered as possible. This way, So we’re going to go right here And you know the ….

Ribeye Keto

The ribeye is a little more of a looser steak because it is very greasy. So you actually determine the investigation going in, but everything look in order. It does not feel like it deviated, so we are going to take a look at it when we start cooking it merely to make sure the temperature rises rather slowly Cool Okay. So you want to set your oven to 275 measures That searches low-spirited, I is not belief I had previously been cooked anything at 275. Yes, so.


., But it’s the whole concept. Low and gradual, We want to cook it gradually, we want to cook it low And we are willing to just gradually come to temperature. So we can not simply going to state this right now You go on Ha Yup Pretty sure on my oven. It’S the opposite.


Sure. Ok Play the “ different, oven ,“ placard You just do not know what plus and minus mean Steve. I know. What’S going on on So ..


Hey, gape, it’s already done It’s already at 275. How did it happen? Hmm .. Hollywood Magic: Yes, Hollywood, Magic; Ok, it very work within a grid.


So you can actually do exactly the same thing outside on the grid. Too, it works on other cuts of meat. You can be utilized this temperature probes on your geese on your chickens on pork hips. Yes, anything Roast pork or whatever This will give you an accurate picture of which the inside I did this method on pork choppers And it use. I actually did on chicken and it makes Wow.


As long as you are well aware, the temperature specifying is for each of the meat, then you can do it on pork cuts. You can do it on pork loin. You can use it on a whole chicken. You really need to know where to keep it.( Gehinnik ), And you just have to know where to where do you want to place your guilt, (, Gehinnik, ), and what it is you want the temperature to be We are children, Yes, we are Okay.


Let me offset the oven for you. Yes, Because we like to cook two steaks . .., We do not want to cross the streams.


Yes, We do not want to cross the flows That would be bad. That would be bad, So what we want to do is set it to our desired temperature, so there are different temperatures for different prepare Right And we will show you those here. Oh, look at you, Mr. Professional, So there are all of the ..


If you can see, if you crave it doing well to scare all the way down Right, Right Cool, So I cook my steaks to 125 stages. What does it mean to give It gives me half-cooked? Okay, Did you .. You watched my steaks: Are they a little too bloody for you?


They look good Like if they come out precisely like. I would be pleased. All privilege We’re going to state that then So we’re going to turn this to 125 Mm-hmm We’re going to turn up the temperature reminding. At the moment, the inside of the steak is 45 grades. We are setting up a hundred and twenty-five So sorry this two numbers game: it’s only now beep and it’s we are going to tell it’s time to take the steak out.


We will do the same thing now: 125 severities, At display then there 43 and now …. Now we frisk the waiting game, We’re waiting.


Sweat It’s our ribeye, which already at 79 measures and our deprive, which are at 56 degrees, Nice, So al. You can tell them to cook at different temperatures, because one is a much thicker than the others. So we’re going to eat ribeye long before we snack stripe Ho ho, Our ribeye is ready. Usually this whole shelf can come out, but because we use it to cook two steaks. We sit that out like that, So this is, in theory, perfectly cooked on the within Yes, so we can eat this steak.


If we want Yes, “theres anything” wrong with this, So we get this hot And if we lend the steak in we’re going to pour in some butter just for a little flavor, only to finish her down Nice Oh, you know what, Before we do, that …. So now we go to the steak baked out.


Our cast iron is hot. Were going to dehydrate it out for about 30 seconds each side. I cannot turning now it off. Just a whisker. You once see this is smoking, so we know.


We know we are ready,[ Hiss ], So now we have what I would consider to be a perfectly done ribeye. So right here is our leg, So we can all cut it. Open. Lets witness, Let’s see how we did: Quality control, Quality control, beautiful and pink You can see it’s consistently pink and there’s just a little bit of tan on the outside. This is where we are not scorched From point to point.


We have a beautiful and pink Aaron. This .. Its astonishing gaping steak Dude How? How is that good, This is the most moist and perfect steak.


Oh, my divinity, so good, So steak number one is done and it’s freaking sublime. Look at that. It is me know it is vague, but holy cow. You recognise I gobble like daily Like every night, The flavors soul I supposed to say – I get these flavors. This is unreal.


I can …, I will definitely was down well after the seasonings. Its like a brunch steak.


Yes, You know This is an ideal time for steak. You know, what’s best is proportion: Do we have another one Yes, Yes, an even fatter one. Yes, it’s bigger,[ Beep] That magic resounded, That magic, vexing tone We’re doing So. What is it doing right? Now more?


Its actually going to create some fat. So now we will be able to use that to help complete the steak, See how thick-witted it is. Yes, being, So this guy is only going to cut in a little harder right now. Yes, so the leg intention . .


. Go the leg’s right here! We have a bit of flesh left over, We will …


we will get it Steve time cracked my knife: It’s an old pierce. Oh, it’s a Heckles knife more. It’S .. It’S a shame.


You come here and you really burst me things. Yes, Just around the corner. Do you need a duller pierce? Yes, that will work. Look at that All right!


So again, excellent uniformity, A fragment of brown on the edge This is due to the drying. Look at that fatty right there, oh, my God, Perfect I signify it has …, it has a lot to offer in here.


I often .. I personally gnaw on this. Yes, When it ..


you know when I’m done, but .. Steve just got off the airstrip, provide it up and it’s again .., It’s flippin’perfect, you guys, I convey get out of town with that.


Look at that Crazy, Like there is the initial … there is the initial wow, but then, like two seconds later, I get hit with another brandish of like ..


Heat and like … Softness, Yes, I dine like this all the time Ha ha ha Unreal. Man, Mmm hm What do you think Unbelievable?


I’M? What “youre asking me” when I finish that I do not gon na need to eat for dies more at least 24 hours, So so full at the moment, but so savory I have another steak, You have a surprise steak. Yes, I’m saving it for last. Lets do it. No, it was great outside There is no other path to make a steak.


Like …, this is the only way you’re ever going to make a steak or how Okay, I mean you can do it on a grid, but you can do the same manner. You can keep your heat on one side, keep the steak down on the side and the same thing: temperature regulates it When it thumps the temperature, then you are just bringing it to the hot surface and just.


. And only get it on on a fast, Yes and take it off the grid, so you can do it on the grid as well. I definitely did .. Definitely during the summer, Yes, You know There really is.


, particularly for a steak of appreciable breadth, … This is the thing like if you had a steak like that and you’re trying to cook ..


like what[ Strip ], we did was two inches thick Before like to do any kind of reverse scalding. I would just employed it in my brain wash over there for, like seven eight minutes on each side, throw it hoping for the best when I .., you know yes, when I cut it. This is consistency.


It’S a kind of infallible. Yes, precisely This is consistency. I make here i am …


The only other behavior you could probably get that compatibility. Do the sauce vide, where you … You heat the steak in sea, But of course it’s just like that effective and it expenditure less than buying a sauce.


Vide Yes, Okay, we’ll go back downstairs and turn things around See you in a minute, Okay people. So this is how you reverse-dry a steak Earned from the captain, how to get it on@ keto_pek, Steve Awesome that he was here This man, if you do not know recently, gained a hundred pounds and you even further, along with it right. Where are you About 112 now, Dude, Yes, Nice work? Thank you We’ll flash some before and after photos now. If you like, This is Steve in front and here’s Steve.


. Others exclusively after looking at that. So where can public find you buddy? You got to find me on Instagram. My name is@ set_pek.


It’S pretty much the only place I’m at, but it’s a great place to go and it’s a great deal of fun and “youre seeing” more steakporn and and Other kinds of .. Other kinds of formations I impel Ah and the uh lag trolls Everything I learned about, drag trolls. It comes from this adult, He is the master The Coffee Cup Theater – Yes, Coffee, Cup Theater – I love the Coffee Cup Theater. Oh, is there anything? ...


I can help you with sir What …, What are you doing? Ted Damn it Ted Thanks Ted, It was Ted, It was Ted, He is handsome and stupid The apple does not fall out far from the tree, So yeah, that’s it guys.


I hope you enjoyed this video a good deal Big thanks to Steve my chum@ keto_pek, for coming all the way to town shrivel. Some steaks They were yummy And I hope you enjoy this video and we’ll catch you next time. I love you, your apron, Yes, liking, Hello, guys This chap@ keto_pek is here. Were going to s..


k, *, k, k, *, k, k, *, k. What is a alter Jacobs steak? Reverse-Dry Eghh: Let’s try it again, My God, I thoughts I’m making it worse, Tie a square knot in it. What’S going on I’M a ape f *** ing a football ..


, But it was amazing. So we see you in exactly a.. Just a..


, simply a immediate, f *** ing time I always … like cannot hold the platform, Hope you like this video. We will enjoy uh.


. MAN, I always .. For shame, You know you’re, returning someone a endowment and they do not even know how to use it. Peedo understore cake, Yes, peedo undertore cake I’m doing that entire thing over My sees are probably cavorting around us.


I am trying to remember where the … Where the camera is Vrot? Therr, Yes, So that we make sate.


Send reverse wills? You do not have a blooper yet Steve. There is nothing to be now. At the end of this video of you messing around. I gravely doubt that Pretty much any kind of cooking you require and then you are to be able to just.


.. So, let’s turn it up and we’ll be downstairs and clear things: up .. Steve Just be there,[ Farting resonates ].


There are only a lot of outtakes on this one right , now ..



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