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Hello, parties Today we are going to make a quiche gluten free With a sugared potato bass and countless savory things in it. We begin with a recipe from this website and then we’re going to form some adjustments to our preference and that understand what comes out of the oven. So, yes we’re going for it. First, we will trim the onion Small note. We trimmed the recipe in half Today.


We use 6 eggs a parcel of spinach, A tiny onion, 340 grams of sweet potato approximately half of a large one, 1′ bowl’ feta cheese, (about 120 g), Half’cup ‘, Greek Yogurt(about 240 g), Olive oil and salt and pepper. Let’s rind the sweet potato, We go for blocks of 1 to 1.5 cm in immensity, a little of salt Until beautifully caramelized. We are currently cooking the sweetened potato fries. They are starting to look nicely caramelized Neatly cooked on the outside.

So I use this pan. Instead of a large springform pan, because we halve the recipe and it examines a bit nicer – I don’t know if this is correct, but I am pressing gently as it says in the recipe, but they are quite stubborn. So we’ll look at what happens, there were openings. Ok, we’re going to use a little heavier than the back of a spoonful, because we must try to make a crust we’re going to start stamping And now is a good time to preheat the oven up to 300, F or 150 C. In the meantime, we are going to fry our onion.


We want them soft, but not browned. The dish says 3 tablespoons of olive oil, but I’m just going to gamble now So in this dish on this website they use kale. But, to be honest, I’m not a fan of kale. I prefer to use spinach because spinach is also particularly nutritious and much tastier and because I had frozen spinach from the plot and I only thawed it instead of cooking with the onion, because frozen spinach always has some moisture that you want to drain so I’ll. Add it at the last minute, So I’m going to put the onion on a low-spirited hot, otherwise they will start to tan, and we don’t want that here.

Low Carb

In the meantime, we have minced your sweet potato, We’re going now. … Oh, the oven is preheated Anyway, we’re going to use the parchment paper at our dish, because I always promote it in case it affixes to the bottom.


You can still take it out of the wash if you use baking paper. Okay, let’s do it. To be honest, I prefer to wash my hands and then pressing with the handwriting, because you can really feel what is happening and regardless, it’s fun to use the mitts. The onions likewise inspect ready, They ogle almost transparent and then they are also soft. Were going to cut around the paper a bit So now we’re going to add the spinach to the onion Mix.


It together neatly Mix the spices, We’re going to add a little salt Beautiful. Now we are going to mix the rest of the ingredients, Our eggs, The yogurt and the cheese We’re going to beat them with a beater. So these are very good eggs from my friend, Mr. Don Actually, these are eggs from the chicken that I stole in this music video (Link in the description) Anyway, we start beating the eggs, I’m going to add our yogurt Now time for …


So this is goat cheese with herbs in it, it is therefore ever has a good taste and goat cheese is thus easier to digest than regular cheese. The newborn goat is therefore a smaller animal, so the babe goat needs less intense milk than newborn cows Anyway. This is nicely parallelled So now we go made half of our potpourrus in our go pour in the other mixture. This is starting to look very nice Now the rest of our spinach with onion And just for the sake of sight, I will scatter a little paprika powder on it, so we have red, yellow green. It is always a nice compounding with food.


Ok, so there is a choice before I gave it in the oven. Some people in the commentary said it is better to pre-fry the sweetened potato to make it more crispy. I haven’t tried it hitherto. So I’m just going to follow the recipe here and later. I will comment if “its a good idea to” leant the bottom in the oven for a while first to get a crispier crust Anyway, we’re going to positioned it in the oven and in the meantime, us to be able to do some bowls See you later....


Its been in there for about 20 minutes now, Because we halve the recipe. It won’t take 55 times like in the recipe, so we’re just going to stick with it. Ok, folks, it’s been in there for 45 minutes. Now It ogles baked The outside is starting to emerge so time to take it out. Ok, people, so here it is fresh from the oven We’re going to let it cool down for a while before we can start cutting.


But everything looks nice and yummy. So the quiche has cooled down here, So it looks a lot like the sugared potato became part of the quiche. It’S not really crispy because it seeks quite flexible. So, yes, we’re going to cut one open, Ok, folks, time to taste tests. Let’s just go for it!


Lots of flavor – I think it is great with the goat, cheese And yes, the sugared potato didn’t really make a crust. Its more part of the quiche like a mantle Not like crust and then the content, So it has almost its own style. The preference is very good. If you crave it more crispy, I would introduce it separately in the oven firstly, but I like this flavor, The sweet fries are still nice and juicy. Yes, I think it’s very good Anyway, if want to try it yourself.


Let us know in the comment section below or how you did it differently or how you would have done it differently If it has tips for myself. Let me know we are all here to learn. Lets share with the family and view what happens Approved by babes. I hope you experienced the video and see you next time.

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