Flexitarian Diet. Recently, people in North America have become interested in flexitarianism. This is the practice of eating vegetarian or vegan food once or twice a week. Flexitarians usually eat meat or fish. People on this diet cannot eat dairy products or eggs but they can eat honey and gelatin. ┬áis an option for people […]

Improving on the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Improving state through the Mediterranean diet& do flexitarians live longer. ?”, The traditional Mediterranean diet can be considered predominantly, but not an alone plant-based nutrition and certainly not a complete plant-based diet with entire foods as olive oil and wine-coloured can be considered mainly as fruit juices. Even if a person devours vegetarian […]

See How Much You Know About Mediterranean diet?

Regardless of the difference between healthy and unhealthy, if you provide people points for each type of plant food, whether processed or not, and subtract points for each consumption of animal items, will people with higher ratings live longer? There are so couple of deaths in the greatest classification of adherence to a vegetarian diet […]