Ketocycle is a ketogenic cycling diet. The human body goes through cycles in which it uses glucose (sugar) for energy. When you cycle keto, you trick your body into using fat for energy because your body can’t process carbs. The fundamental idea behind cycling keto is to burn fat when you’re not active, so that […]

How Many Carbohydrates on Keto Diet

How Many Carbohydrates on Keto Diet When you’re first starting a keto diet, or switching from a standard American diet to the low carb, high protein keto diet (commonly called ketoacidosis), how many carbs in your daily intake of keto-friendly foods should you have? Unfortunately there is no single hard and fast answer to this […]

3 Low Carb Keto Diet Tips

Low Carb Diet If you’ve decided to take on a low carb diet, or ketogenic diet, it is necessary to go through some preparation, even if you are just giving it a try for the first time. You need to know how to eat right to make sure you get everything you need. You need […]