Is Keto an Effective Cancer Fighting Diet?

 Keto “Is the keto diet an effective way to fight cancer? ” Blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is the universal fuel for the cadres in our torsoes. Our brain burns 113 grams of carbohydrate a day, this is his preferred metabolic ga. Our body can break down proteins and reach glucose from scratch, […]

Improving on the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Improving state through the Mediterranean diet& do flexitarians live longer. ?”, The traditional Mediterranean diet can be considered predominantly, but not an alone plant-based nutrition and certainly not a complete plant-based diet with entire foods as olive oil and wine-coloured can be considered mainly as fruit juices. Even if a person devours vegetarian […]

Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?

  Ketosis   “Is weight loss resistant to ketosis? ” The new data is believed to expose “some, if not all.” Popular allegations drawn with extreme carbohydrate regulation. ” What about the facts of the case that ketones quell hunger? In a rigorously limited study of the metabolic bay, where the ketogenic food stirred things […]

Can Morbid Obesity Be Reversed Through Diet?

“Can pathological obesity be cured by eating?” Dr. Walter Kempner presents the first comprehensive dietary program for the treatment of chronic kidney disease and thus revolutionized and the treatment of other disorders, including obesity. Kempner is a professor of medicine at Duke, where he invented the so-called “rice diet”, which mainly consists of rice, sugar, […]