Paleo Diet vs Keto

A Closer Look at the Paleo and Keto Diets Both paleo and keto diets emphasize whole food consumption, but each has their own specific set of rules: the paleo diet offers greater freedom with food selection while keto has more stringent regulations. Both diets aim to avoid foods known to be unhealthy and exclude certain micronutrients that could potentially lead to deficiencies. Carbohydrates Both the paleo diet and keto diet are low-carb eating plans designed to facilitate weight loss and treat related health conditions associated with obesity. But closer inspection reveals some key distinctions that you should keep in mind… Paleo Diet vs KetoRead more

The Paleo Diet Explained

The paleo diet is a highly restrictive plan that largely cuts out grains and legumes. This diet is rich in fiber, but cutting out these two food groups means that most people will need to make an extra effort to get the recommended amount of fiber daily. Women should aim for 25 grams and men should aim for 38 grams. While following the paleo diet is possible, it is important to consult a doctor before making any major changes to your diet. Exclusion of grains The Exclusion of Grains on the Paleo Diet is a popular lifestyle change that many… The Paleo Diet ExplainedRead more

The Pros and Cons of Paleo Diet

The pros and cons of a paleo diet are quite extensive, but overall, the diet is a healthy one. The most common downsides are its hefty protein intake, which can lead to bone and kidney issues. On the plus side, a typical paleo diet allows for overconsumption of protein. The high saturated fat content of the diet can also cause other health problems. However, this is not a serious concern, as it is unlikely to result in severe damage to the body. There are some pros and cons to the paleo diet. For one, it can be expensive, so you… The Pros and Cons of Paleo DietRead more

The Benefits of the Paleo Diet

A Paleo Diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Its main ingredients are meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It does not include processed or refined foods. In addition, a paleo diet does not require tracking calories, protein, or macronutrients. The basic rule of the Paleo diet is to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. It is best to choose fatty fish such as salmon for its healthy fat content. The Paleo diet focuses on foods high in nutrient density. The Paleo template eliminates most foods that contribute to inflammation, and gut dysbiosis. It is a powerful… The Benefits of the Paleo DietRead more

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