The Pollotarian Diet

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The Pollotarian Diet

A pollotarian is someone who eats chicken but not beef or pork. The word “pollotarian” was coined in 2006 by Jeff MacNelly, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, who was asked in an interview whether he ate beef. He said no, but that he didn’t mind if other people did.


The term “pollotarian” means eating chicken but no other meat. So what are the pros and cons of this diet?
Pro: Chicken is leaner than beef, pork, or lamb, so pollotarians are less likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke.
Con: The fat in chicken isn’t as unsaturated as the fat in beef, pork, and lamb, so pollotarians may be more likely to suffer from cancer and diabetes.
Pro: Chicken has less cholesterol than beef, pork, or lamb.
Con: Chicken contains more sodium than beef, pork, or lamb.
Pro: Chicken is cheaper than beef, pork, or lamb.
Con: If you’re eating at home rather than eating out (which pollotarians often do), it takes longer to prepare chicken than it does to prepare beef, pork, or lamb.

The benefits of eating pollotarian are many. The history of this diet is rich and interesting, and the health benefits cannot be denied. There are some risks associated with adopting this diet if you are not ready for it or if you do not plan carefully.
The first step toward eating pollotarian is to stop eating chicken, so that is where most people begin. This is a smart decision because chicken is fatty and unhealthy. If you want to jump right in with both feet, you can go all the way and give up red meat as well as chicken meat. Chicken is almost as unhealthy as red meat, but it does not provide the same nutrition.
Risk number one for pollotarians is malnutrition. You will need vitamin supplements if you give up chicken and red meat; otherwise, your body will take what it needs from your own tissues to maintain itself. This can make you sick, but it can also make you stronger than ever before.

The Pollotarian Diet consist of chicken, duck, geese, turkey, capons, guinea fowl, eggs and egg products. This diet is the best because it contains the least amount of cholesterol.
Chicken is a very healthy meat because it has no skin. The skin is where most of the fat is found in meat.
The biggest health risk you have when you eat meat is the cholesterol in the meat. Chicken has no cholesterol in it at all. So therefore this diet plan is very healthy when compared to other diets.
With this Pollotarian Diet Plan you are not only getting rid of all the fat but are also getting rid of all the unhealthy substances that can be found in meat products.

Pollotarian Diet Plan

This Pollotarian Diet Plan also offers a lot of variety in foods that can be eaten with staying on track with your diet plan. You can eat almost anything that has been prepared in a healthier way for example baked chicken instead of fried chicken or grilled instead of barbequed chicken.


Other examples would be turkey burgers instead of beef burgers and many more healthy food substitutions. This Pollotarian Diet Plan also gives you a lot of choices when it comes to fruits and vegetables which you can eat without counting their calories or worrying about fats .A new trend has been taking place in the world of food. More and more people have been switching from a diet that is primarily meat based, to a diet that is meat free, specifically a pollotarian diet.

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