What To Eat And What To Avoid On The Pollotarian Diet

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Pollotarian Diet

The Pollotarian Diet meal plan is 1200 calories per day, with at least four ounces of chicken and no more than three eggs per week.

Some people agree with me that the Pollotarian Diet is a good idea, but they say they’d rather not be so strict about it. Well, I do have some advice on how to be more inclusive while still keeping it healthy.
The main thing is simply to relax the rule about avoiding chicken skin. Skin is where all the flavor is. If you want your Pollotarian Diet to be a little tastier without going overboard, start by adding a little tasty chicken skin to it. Get a piece of chicken breast and scrape off most of the meat, leaving only a thin layer of meat over a thick layer of skin. Then fry it in a pan with some butter or olive oil or bacon grease, seasoning it with salt and pepper if you like.
Then try another variation: roast the pieces of skin in the oven until they are browned and crispy. This will make them even tastier, because the fat under the skin will cook out into the air and then drip back down to coat all sides of each piece of skin with flavor.
So now you have two variations on healthy chicken consumption: one with no added fat at all, and one with lots of added fat in a form that doesn’t raise cholesterol levels or cause any other kind of medical

When I free-form fast, I usually end up eating a lot of nuts and seeds. This is because they are relatively high in calories, easy to prepare, and don’t need refrigeration. In the Pollotarian Diet I am switching from nuts and seeds to chicken drumsticks.

What is the Pollotarian Diet? It’s a way of eating that’s better than either the Standard American Diet, or the diets of most vegetarians and vegans. As I’ll show you, on a Pollotarian Diet you can still eat pizza, pasta, and fruit; and you can even enjoy a cheeseburger every now and then. What’s more:
As an omnivore, you’re probably not getting as much nutrition as you could be. Many nutrients (and micronutrients) are found primarily or exclusively in animal products; some are found primarily or exclusively in plant products. On a Pollotarian Diet, your body will get more of those nutrients.
With a Pollotarian Diet, you will also consume less saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein. Eating less animal protein is good for your health. And though the scientific consensus is that saturated fat increases risk for heart disease, egg yolks don’t have it. So on a Pollotarian Diet you can eat more egg yolks without raising your risk for heart disease.
The Pollotarian Diet is also a low-carbohydrate diet — meaning that from the perspective of carbohydrates it’s about as good as any diet can be. But from the perspective

Mediterranean Diet

The Pollotarian Diet is a lot like the Mediterranean Diet, but with even more emphasis on poultry. Like the Mediterranean Diet, it is based on vegetables, fruits, grains, and olive oil; like the Mediterranean Diet, it is high in fiber and antioxidants; and like the Mediterranean Diet it has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.
Your mother was right: eat your (chicken) vegetables!

Here are some specific suggestions for what to eat, and what to avoid, when you want to be on The Pollotarian Diet.

The Pollotarian Diet is not a vegetarian diet. It is a pollotarian diet. It is a plant-based diet with the limitation that you must eat at least one portion of chicken per day.
The Pollotarian Diet is intended as a compromise between those who emphasize the importance of eating less meat and those who think it is impossible to get enough protein without meat. The idea here is that, while there are many ways to get enough protein without eating meat, only one way has been perfected by the poultry industry: chicken.
The Pollotarian Diet, however, does impose certain restrictions on your chicken consumption. First, although any type of chicken will suffice, dark meat may not be eaten more than once a week, and white meat may not be eaten more than three times a week. This restriction is to ensure adequate intake of vitamin C, which is best obtained from fruits and vegetables. Second, fried chicken may not be consumed more than twice a month. This restriction is for two reasons: first, because fried food has been linked to cardiovascular disease; and second, because–let’s face it–fried chicken just isn’t that good for you anyway.

The Pollotarian Diet is based on the principle that you should eat less chicken but more of everything else.
So if you are eating too much chicken, what should you eat less of instead? The obvious answer is “poultry products”. That would include hot dogs, bologna, deli meats, and anything else cured or processed. Poultry products are basically just ground-up chicken carcasses with some additives. They are junk food. You probably shouldn’t eat them.


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