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All right, so I suspect we’re going to sit here and The Dukan Diet elevating rehearsal, fitness type material right, Jim yeah, but we want to talk about what you’re going to eat before you go to bed. I belief why why do you want to talk about that tonight? Well, I think that’s special topics. We decided all right. No one even were aware that the heck we are right now.

So maybe we should like brief everybody, because if this might be the first time anybody’s watching a video from us, even though we have some other stuff out there, I’m in New York City. Well, I’m in New York , not in the city, I’m in upstate, New York Jimmy’s in Arizona we used to used to hang out together when we were younger and now we’re both kind of doing this. Fitness thing and I’ve been at it for about 12 months with Beachbody, did insanity p9 0x and Jimmy’s done insanity working through p90x. Now it’s been on about three, maybe four months, so there you go, there’s a there’s, the whole thing and now we’re coaching people and helping people get in shape, and this is going to be one of countless videos that we’re gonna try to do together. Going to kind of jump on a skype bellow like this and talk about some of the things that were being asked and some of the things that maybe we can refer to what we’re doing and, and you are familiar with, kind of weeding through it, because I’m still learning.

I’M I’m trying to build mass now and you’re trying to build mass now, because we kind of lost our body, overweight and all that stuff. So tonight I think we want to talk about what to eat before bed, because I don’t think i ever ate anything before, because i always envisaged i was told not to eat anything before bed at least two hours, but i’m eating before bunked and I’m getting quite Good upshots: what about you yeah? Definitely! Even when I was trying to lose weight, i was eating before bunked um, your mas needs to keep working while you’re sleeping it’s it’s an important part of the rebuilding process, yeah yeah, and I think that also a good deal of eras. Beings think you know I don’t want to eat before berthed and also they kind of causes into the only one munch three meals a day or ingest less throughout the day which I’ve you know found out that the more I eat through the day.

If I broken off my calories throughout the day that I actually is kept in or lose will vary depending on, if I’m in a calorie lack or if I’m in a surplus and at this site, because my body’s kind of been through this for so long – and I figured it Out and we’ll talk more about how to dial in your calorie weigh and diet and all that stuff. But right now I know a lot of people are saying. Like you know, I don’t want anything before berthed and if I do I’m hungry, “what’s being” I ingest and one of the biggest things out there that people are doing that our person build or simply getting in shape they’re boozing a whey protein? It’s not a whey. Protein, it’s a kate.

Is it called specimen: Jeff yeah, Casey, Casey um, it’s basically a social grasp. Yeah fasten, Kasten, yeah, hooter free charges! It’s what it it’s. It’s a sluggish digesting protein like whey. Protein is going to be a faster protein that you’re going to want to make either immediately, before or after your workout.

I kind of do both. I do like half of us, or i do one dollop before my workout and then i do two scoops after my workout. That’s what i’ve been recently doing, because i want to get a surge of protein in there, because that material, it exactly immediately, gets soaked up into your. You know your body with the casing or, nonetheless, you pronounce it that material is going to be a slower. So through the night you don’t go into a canna bolic district where your body runs out of fuel then starts plucking from the muscle, or you know stuff that it doesn’t want to pull from its gonna have to go somewhere cuz it’s in like starvation mode, But I’ve been in cottage cheese man, that’s what I venetan.

I know you don’t like the farm cheese but oh, but you see you said right now, you’re not even doing the dispute and you’re going to do exactly the whey protein yeah right now, I’m just make the whey protein and I suspect the concept is rather do Something than nothing at all right now, you know you don’t want to go three hours before bedtime and not chew by the time. You’re “re ready for” bed you’re hungry, then you’re hunger your your muscle as you sleep right, and you do that. So I’m doing the regular whey protein right now, sometimes i’ll put in some celery or some cucumber or something light, maybe some almonds right every once in a while I’ll throw some outcome in there i like to do with strawberries. Strawberries are lower in calories per gram. That’s a good good point, though, because you know what you bring up a good point with the with the return a lot of people are like.

Can I have an apple before berthed? Can I have you know a banana before bed and there’s some fruits that are going to be better than you. You know at nighttime and some that are and honestly I would stay away from selected. I think the strawberries. They situated a marry strawberries in there.

A couple blueberries, I believe, you’re going to be okay, but you got to remember that stuff is all sugar and we don’t want a good deal of carbohydrate in our in our figure before bunked. A quantity of parties think well it’s fruit, it’s good for me and I’ve seen parties down like pineapple before bed. It’s looks just like you, know the highest and sugar. Yes, the stuff is good for you and again, like anything in moderation. Right, i means that you, don’t want to pound the stuff, but I’ve done that too.

I’ve done whey protein before bunked. Before i was doing the “farmers cheese” and i was putting in like three strawberries frozen strawberries. I was putting them in my whey protein and exactly to give it a little sweetness and a little different flavor, but yeah I make return. You truly want to minimize before berthed, but a few cases portions like that aren’t going to flit same thing with cottage cheese. Now, on Chris, one of my cronies is doing power 90 right now and doing breathtaking, and he he’s doing the cottage cheese as well, but he’s putting in a few chopped up strawberries or a few cases blueberries in there to mix it up.

It’s kind of like it’s ice cream, you know, so you can time play with it mix it up, but you require something in there. I know Julie, just sounded in your partner. She sounded in before we were getting ready to start here and she’s like really. You want to eat something before berthed and the thing is you do you are familiar with, and parties don’t think that you that you should Lisa my spouse simply started doing the whey protein actually she’s doing the Shakeology before bunked about half a scoop instead of a full dollop And she’s noticed she’s been losing heaviness now a little easier than before, because her body at nighttime is still able to run. Your metabolism is still able to run and that’s what people get understand.

We want to continue to burn through the light through the working day and the time you stop gobbling and it’s it’s done, processing that nutrient it no longer has to work, so you want to keep putting in tiny little bits of food. I think that kind of runs. The conference we had a long time ago about the fuel right, give that shell died down and then in the morning you throw that large-scale old-fashioned log in their breakfast, and you try to start that fire up again and it takes a while to go over there. Oh yeah, if you’re eating your banquet at night and your body’s still working through the night, when you situated that breakfast on there in the morning, it only illuminates that fire up again and merely burn throughout the day. Right now, it’s it’s huge!

You know! That’s! That’s! Certainly really gargantuan, so I suspect the answer everybody’s question: that’s wondering what to eat before bunked can I ingest before. Bed may be smart about it.

Don’t dine like karbi stuff. You know starchy nonsense before bunked. You don’t want to do that because, plainly we all know carbs are for energy and while you’re sleeping your organization doesn’t need as much energy, so it’s going to be collected and then it’s going to turn into fat. So we don’t want that. Something!

That’s going to be able to to break down and to last-place you through the nighttime, if you’re sleeping six to seven hours, which you should be because that’s when your figure is recovering “the worlds largest” you’re going to want to give yourself something. So your form can run. I convey think about it more. It’s a machine, we’re dealing with a machine here and it’s working invariably. We want to continue to have a function, so no, you said, make sure there’s not a lot of carbs there yeah.


You know, I think what we’re doing is we’re, from the very beginning of the morning with the highest number of carbs downgrade throughout the day kind of toning, that back and performing our protein tire and our carbs lower privilege as we go through the day. Right now it’s important and that can be another full topic as well. Oh, perfectly, but um. I think that’s pretty good. I think i think that’s answered it.

I think people get something out. I hope parties watching this come something out of it, and i hope that you guys know that you know there’s anything. You guys want to ask us just leave a comment below this video or going to see our blog at you, get ripped soothe and jimmy and i’ll be there and we’ll try to answer your question either in an upcoming video or on the blog or under this YouTube. Video or wherever we see that we can leave a comment, so that’s going to pretty much wrap it up again. This is our advice, we’re not by any means we’re , not professionals we’re , not doctors.

So you know what you might want to come. You might want to talk to your doctor contact medical doctors. If you’re, you are familiar with, if you got any type of heart troubles or any health problems, don’t listen to us, because we don’t know anything. We don’t even know what we’re talking about we’re just winging it right. Jim, we don’t know anything yeah.

Well, we know it’s something but yeah we’re not doctors, so always check with your specialist. You know. All i know is that everybody’s person is different and we’re going to do the best that we can to relay what we’re doing, and then you have to try things out on your own body and ceiling where you’re going to get it on. So with that being said, that’s going to wrap it up. Everyone get out there and you are familiar with, take your nutrition seriously, because that’s eighty percent of it, but likewise you know, make sure you’re doing something every day for your fitness and for your state and that’s about it.

So Jim. I think we got one last thing to say: if you got any comments, go ahead and threw them on there like what you’re eating at night, we like to share that. We want to try some brand-new things too. So definitely go ahead and write to us or make a comment or send us an email or or something along those lines. So we can.

We can follow up and and hand meanings out there or try them ourselves all right. All right! That’s going to wrap it up. I got to go to bed um. So my last thing I want to say is now you get rent yeah, surely rip.

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