The AIP Diet

The AIP diet is a paleo diet. It was created by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, and it stands for the ‘autoimmune protocol. The diet was designed to assist individuals with autoimmune disorders in regaining their health and has been scientifically proven to work. The diet is based on evolutionary science and consists of eating foods that […]

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a variety of diets that varies by country. There are also undertones of nutrition in the Mediterranean culture, making it a healthy way of life overall. One of the main things that are emphasized in this type of diet are all vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, and white wine. The […]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto?

 Why am I not losing weight on keto? Are you sure your carb limit is right? Lots of people on a diet need to track everything they eat and make sure that the amount of carbs they eat during the day does not go over 20 grams. They also could be forgetting how much is […]

Diet Soda On Keto?

Diet soda on keto? There is a lot of false information about keto and diet soda. It is important to know the facts. It can be done, but it needs to be carefully planned so that you don’t gain weight or get other side effects from drinking too much. The science of keto and diet […]

Keto can I have cheat days?

Keto can I have cheat days? It depends on your definition of a cheat day. You have to have moderation while trying to get into ketosis. If one day lets you eat all the junk food that you want but also keep up with your program, then go for it! But if one day makes […]


Flexitarian Diet. Recently, people in North America have become interested in flexitarianism. This is the practice of eating vegetarian or vegan food once or twice a week. Flexitarians usually eat meat or fish. People on this diet cannot eat dairy products or eggs but they can eat honey and gelatin.  is an option for people […]

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